Your site has three main areas: Pages, Design and Settings. These are accessed from your Dashboard.

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In this article
  • Dashboard Overview
  • Create a Gallery Page
  • Change Image Order
  • Add to Site Menu
  • Customize Design Overview
  • Add a logo
  • Edit 'About' and 'Contact' Pages

Dashboard Overview

This is how your Format Dashboard should look when you first access your site.

  1. Format toggle to expand/contract left Sidebar
  2. Name of your Format site. Shows your current Plan name and the 'eye icon' can be used to 'Preview' your live site
  3. Pages create, add images, video and text
  4. Design customize site, edit style and colors, change themes
  5. Settings set up your domain, change plans, update subscription details
  6. Site Menu manage pages
  7. Store sell 'things'
  8. Proofing private area for clients to view, favorite and download images
  9. Blog write and add images/video
  10. More Apps information on Format Galleries iOS app, Format Publisher for Adobe® Lightroom® plugin download area
  11. Help access articles when you need them.
  12. In-app Chat with our Success Team.

Create a Gallery Page

From the Dashboard tap 'Pages'

Tap 'Create Page' > select 'Gallery Page'

Enter a name and tap 'Add Gallery'

Tap 'Add Item +' > select 'Image' from dropdown menu.

Choose option for adding image/s.

Select images and upload.

Change Image Order

Change the image order by 'tap-and-dragging' thumbnails to new positions.

You can also add Captions, Alt Text, Change Images or Delete images.

'Save Changes'

Add to Site Menu

Include a link so visitors can navigate to this page easily.

You can add at any time using the 'Site Menu Editor'

If you want your Gallery Page to be the first page seen on your site, go to 'HOME PAGE' lower-left and 'Change' > select the page and 'Set as Homepage'.

Customize Design Overview

The Design area allows you to customize your site, add a logo, change fonts and color options as well as change themes.

  1. From the Dashboard or Sidebar tap 'Design' to activate the Design Editor
  2. Current Theme name and small preview underneath, here you can 'Explore Themes'
  3. Preview approximation of how your site will look on desktop, mobile and full-screen
  4. 'Save' after any changes are made
  5. Tap to open dropdown panels and make changes
  6. Preview, the 'eye icon' can be used to 'Preview' your live site.

The best way to customize your site is to make changes, one area at a time and preview.

'Save Changes'

Add a logo

You can use normal text for your Website Logo (name), change the font, size and color.

Or add a logo as a graphic (PNG, JPG or Animated GIF).

Edit 'About' and 'Contact' Pages

We include 'sample copy text' on your About and Contact pages. Change with your own words and details.

From the Dashboard or Sidebar tap 'Pages' to activate the Pages Editor.

You can select and change the text or 'Add Sections +' to include more text and images.

'Save Changes'