The Format Publisher plugin for Adobe® Lightroom® simplifies the tasks of uploading and updating your Gallery Pages and Proofing Projects. Instead of exporting JPGs to your desktop and then uploading you can export directly. Saving steps, time and allowing you to automatically configure the settings necessary.

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In this article
  • Download and Extract the Format Publisher Plugin
  • Windows OS Download Settings
  • Install via Lightroom's Plug-in Manager
  • Set the Format Publisher Service
  • Login to your Format Account
  • Set Image Preferences
  • Create a Gallery Page
  • Add Images to your Gallery Page
  • Edit Metadata specific to Format
  • Publish your Gallery
  • Republishing and Deleting Images
  • Synchronize 'Favorited' Images (Proofing)
  • Disable Favorite 'Flags' from overriding existing Lightroom use of 'Flags'
  • View in Format

Download and Extract the plugin

Download the Format Publisher plugin.

Once the download has completed, extract the contents of the archive (ZIP file).

We recommend saving the Format Publisher plugin to your 'Documents' folder.

Windows OS Download Settings

If you are on a Windows OS device please do not use the 'autozip' extracted files but instead open the ZIP file in a Windows Explorer window and then drag the contents from within this window into your Documents (or other) folder and then Install via the Lightroom Plug-in Manager following the steps below.

Install via Lightroom’s Plug-in Manager

Use Lightroom’s 'File' menu and select "Plug-in Manager…".

Add a New Plugin

Choose "Add" option lower-left corner of the Plug-in Manager.

Select the Format plugin file

The Format plugin you download may have a different version number to the screenshot above but it will be named similar to: format-X.x.lrplugin

Select and choose "Add Plug-In". Then tap "Done".

Set the Format Publish Service

You will now see Format added to the list of 'Publish Services'.

Tap "Set Up" to configure it.

Login to your Format Account

Enter the Login and Password associated with your Format account and click "Login".

Set Image Preferences

You can choose any specific export settings you'd like to enforce, and once satisfied with your changes, tap "Save".

If you are using our Proofing Feature and allowing your clients to download full resolution images you will not want to restrict the Image Sizing or Quality of the image compression.

Create a Gallery Page

1. Right-click on your Format site name and choose "Create Page..."

2. The “Set” dropdown will list your sites on Format and allow you to choose which site you want the Gallery Page to appear on.

3. The “Title” and “URL” fields correspond to the title you wish your Gallery Page to have in your site’s menu and the URL you want displayed. The URL should all be in lowercase characters with a hyphen '-' used to indicate a space and to join the words together.

Add Images to your Gallery Page

You can click-and-drag images from your Folders and Collections directly into the publish queue.

Edit Metadata specific to Format

To save Metadata with your image select the Metadata panel and change the dropdown on the left from 'Default' to 'Format'.

Enter your Format Caption and Format Alt Text.

Publish your Gallery

Once you’re happy with the metadata and export settings, you can choose to Publish your Gallery.

Republishing and Deleting Images

When making subsequent changes to your content in Lightroom, you may choose to mark either Gallery Pages or individual images within a Gallery page to republish, which will result in their being updated on Format when you click Publish.

If you delete a photo, re-publishing the gallery will remove it from your Format Gallery page.

Synchronize 'Favorited' Images (Proofing)

If your client 'favorites' an image when they are viewing their Proofing Project, you can 'Refresh Comments' to synchronize with Lightroom and the image will appear with a White 'Flag' in the top left corner.

1. Refresh Comments button.

2, 3 & 4. White 'Flag' icon showing image has been 'favorited' with a 'star'.

5. Comments panel showing who favorited images with email address.

Disable Favorite 'Flags' from overriding existing Lightroom use of 'Flags'

If you are using 'Flags' in Lightroom specifically for your existing workflow you may not want any 'Favorited' images to override what you have already set.

Go to Lightroom Publishing Manager > Format Publisher

  1. Favorited Images ensure checkbox is disabled
This option is new to version 1.5 of the Format Publisher for Adobe® Lightroom® plugin

View in Format

By 'Right' or 'Command' + clicking on a gallery page or site in Lightroom, you will bring up a contextual menu where you can choose “View in Format” to see the published page on your Format site.

Reach us online at our live chat or via our email if you have any more questions. We’re happy to help!

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