If you are a user with a Pro level (or higher) subscription you can add music to your Gallery Pages by using image captions or Text Elements along with the HTML editing option.

This solution is ideal if you are a musician and would like to present your music alongside big, bold imagery.

Tap any image to view at larger size.

In this article
  • Add HTML to Gallery Page
  • Copy Soundcloud Embed code
  • Paste HTML code
  • View live Gallery Page

Add HTML to Gallery Page

  1. From your Dashboard, tap 'Pages'
  2. Open a Gallery Page.
  3. Select an image thumbnail and activate the caption area (you could also use a Text Element for adding the audio HTML to).
  4. Tap '</>' and slide from TEXT to HTML.

Copy Soundcloud Embed code

You can include HTML from a site such as SoundCloud.

  1. From the 'Share' panel tap 'Embed'
  2. Copy the HTML code (it should start with <iframe…>)

Paste HTML code

Return to your Gallery Page and paste HTML code into the field you prepared earlier.

'Save Changes'

View live Gallery Page

Depending on your theme, the preview may (or may not) be fully visible.

Tap the 'Play' icon to listen.