The logo text is what viewers will see in the header of every page of your site. You can change this at any time or replace with your own logo graphic.

Tap any image to view at larger size.

In this article
  • Logo Text vs Logo Image
  • Changing your Logo Text
  • Styling your Logo Text

Logo Text vs Logo Image

  1. Logo Text allows you to use any of our installed fonts and to color and size
  2. Logo Image allows you to add your own logo or personal branding.

Changing your Logo Text

  1. Tap Design in left sidebar
  2. General > tap 'Website Logo' to dropdown
  3. Logo Text > enter your own information here at any time.
  4. The preview will show how it looks, make further changes, to fonts, font size, and color to match your style and image.
  5. Save Changes

Styling your Logo Text

  1. Select Font from dropdown
  2. Change Font Size
  3. Change Color
  4. Or add a Logo Image (see our how to prepare your logo guide)
  5. Save Changes