The Design area is where you can customize your portfolio site.

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In this article
  • Design Editor panel
  • Preview Live Site
  • Save Changes

Design Editor panel

On the Left are the Sections and specific areas you can change.

On the Right a preview shows your changes before they are applied to your live site.

Top Left Panel

At the top of the left side you will see:

  • Under Theme you can see the name of the theme you are currently using. If you are previewing a theme this will say 'You are trying a new theme.'
  • Click Explore Themes to try a different theme.

The Design panel is organized into sections. For example: the General section.

Depending on your theme the settings may appear differently to these (Horizon Left theme) screenshots.


The best way to modify your site is to experiment with the different options available and preview.

Preview Live Site

At top centre you will see the three 'Preview' options; desktop, mobile and fullscreen. There are no separate design options for desktop and mobile.

Save Changes

When you are done adjusting your site tap 'Save Changes'.

Tap Clear Changes to remove any changes since you last saved).

Your changes are now visible on your live site.