Use Collection Pages to link to Gallery and Custom pages with images.

This guide is video based. If you would prefer screenshots and detailed instructions please view this guide.

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In this Article
  • Creating a Collection Page video and instructions
  • Adjusting Page Link images in Collection Pages
  • What page types can I link to Collection Pages?
  • Changing the design of a Collection Page

Creating a Collection Page video and instructions

  1. Go to Pages Editor 0:31
  2. Press on Create Page 0:41
  3. Select Collection Page. This will open a new collections page 0:46
  4. Title Collections Page. 0:52
  5. 'Add Item’ From Add Item we want to select ‘Page Link' 1:10
  6. Select a page or more. These will need to be online to be able to add. Click 'Add to Collection'1:30
  7. Consider changing cover images and rearrange links with dragging and dropping. 1:59
  8. Save your changes in the top right corner. 2:48
  9. Add to Site Menu 3:01
  10. Preview Links 3:19
  11. Rearrange in Site Menu if necessary. 3:57

How to adjust Page Links Images in Collections

Cover images are the images that appear with linked pages in Collections Pages. To adjust your image choice please see our Cover Images guide.

Adjusting your Cover images also allows you to alter how the images are cropped.

What page types can – I link to Collection Pages?

Only Gallery Pages and Custom Pages can be linked to Collections Pages.

Collection pages, Proofing pages, Blog posts or Store Products, cannot be linked within Collections pages.

If you would like to have images link to any of these other types of pages use Link Sets within a Custom Page.

Changing the design of a Collection Page

The layout and design of Collection Pages is different in each theme.

Design Editor to Themes Advanced Collection Page options shown for Sierra
  1. From the left Sidebar tap 'Design Editor'
  2. Tap 'Themes' tab
  3. Tap 'Advanced' tab
  4. Scroll down and select customization options under 'Collection Pages'

If you're interested in exploring different themes for different Collection page options, please see our article on how to change your theme here.

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