When making design changes to your site the in-app preview allows you to 'click' on an item and provide you with a shortcut for editing that particular item.

Tap any image to view at larger size.

In this article
  • Activate the shortcut menu
  • Customize and preview

Activate the shortcut menu

Design editor shortcut menu activated for website text logo options
  1. In the Design Editor 'click' a heading, image, text or the site menu to activate the shortcut menu.
  2. The options available for that item will be presented
  3. Tap 'Change' to be taken directly to the editing options

Customize and preview

Website Title Text field editing and visual showing the logo text changing in the in-app preview window
  1. Changes you make here
  2. Will be shown in the preview on the right.
Heading text field being edited and shown in the in-app preview
  1. Some changes you make will affect more than one part of your sites design
  2. The preview will show this.

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