You can sell downloadable digital file/s from your Store for things like ebooks, presets or software.

The maximum digital download file size is 100Mb. It is best to compress all files into one ZIP file. 

Tap any image to view at larger size.

In this article
  • Add a Digital Product
  • Set Product Availability
  • Check Settings and SEO Optimization
  • Things to be aware of

Add a Digital Product

Adding a new product to the Store and giving it a name
  1. From your Dashboard, tap 'Store'
  2. Tap 'Add Product'
  3. Give your Product a name
  4. Tap 'Add Product'
Select 'Digital Product' and add a cover image
  1. Under 'Product Type' select 'Digital Product'
  2. Tap 'Edit Cover Image' and upload the main image to promote your product (required)

Up to five product images can be added to a product

  1. Scroll down to Product Images and 'Add Images', at least one image must be added here (you can have up to five images)

Add a detailed product description and price

  1. Add your  Product Description , clear, concise information will help prospective customers decide whether to purchase your product or not. Include the information that you would want to know if you were looking to buy, (if an ebook, the number of pages, how many images, size, can it be printed? file size etc.)
  2. Set your Price. The minimum is 1.00 in your Countries currency.
  1. Scroll down to Digital File Upload and 'Upload a File'
  2. Navigate to the location file is stored and select
  3. Tap 'Choose'
A digital file or ZIP file can be up to 100Mb in file size. Only one file can be selected and uploaded so if your Product requires more than one file you will need to compress all files into one ZIP file and then upload.
  1. Shows digital file successfully uploaded
  2. Tap to 'Replace

Set Product Availability

Scroll to top, Product Availability and use dropdown to select 'Available in Store' and Save Changes

  1. Scroll to top and 'Product Availability'
  2. Use dropdown to select 'Available in Store'
  3. Save Changes

Check Settings and SEO Optimization

Link to change to Settings panel for Digital Product

  1. Tap 'Settings' to access.

  1. The Product Path is based on the Product Name originally entered
  2. SEO Optimization improvements can be made by scrolling down further.

  1. The SEO Product Title can be the same as the Product Name, or you can change.
  2. Add information in the SEO Product Description panel (copy-and-paste a portion of what you entered on the Product page)
  3. After adding information this will update and show a green 'SEO Complete' message
  4. An indication of what will be shown in search results is displayed here.

  1. Further down  you can Edit Cover Image
  2. Out of Stock. Because you have added a Digital Product our Inventory Control will not work with this, you can sell a Digital Product indefinitely
  3. Delete Product will remove from your Store.

Things to be aware of

  • Only one digital file per Product with a maximum 100Mb file size
  • Once someone buys a digital product they are shown a page that has a download link. They also receive this download link in their email. This link is good for 60 days and then it expires
  • If you, the Seller deletes the digital product from your store, the link is still good for 60 days from purchase
  • However, if you, the Seller cancels the specific order for the link purchase, the link will be expired immediately.

Reach us online at our live chat or via our email if you have any more questions. We’re happy to help!