The Site Menu Editor allows you to control and organize which pages are displayed in your site menu, add items or set the Homepage for your site.

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Adjusting your Site Menu: video instructions

  1. Navigate to Site Menu Editor 0:07
  2. Add an Existing Page 0:30
  3. Add a Submenu 1:10
  4. Arrange Site Menu items 2:11
  5. Delete a Site Menu item 2:21
  6. Change your homepage 2:46
  7. Save Changes 3:24

Access the Site Menu Editor

From your Dashboard, expand the left Sidebar and tap 'Site Menu'.

Add item to menu

Items you can add to your menu are:

  • Page: Add a link to a page you've already created to your site menu
  • Sub-Menu: Organize related links into a list on your site menu
  • External Link: Link directly to any URL from your site menu.

Add Page

Tap 'Add Item to Menu' > select 'Page'.

Select one or more pages for adding to your menu.

Tap 'Add to Menu' button or 'Cancel' to exit.

Any 'Offline' pages will become accessible online when added to the site menu.

Add Sub-Menu

Tap 'Add Item to Menu' > select 'Sub-Menu'.

Add sub-menu title.

Tap 'Save' or 'Cancel' to exit.

To see a video and further instructions on how to add a site menu please see our Creating a Submenu article here.
A Sub-Menu can only go one layer deep (sub-menus can not be nested).

Add External Link

Tap 'Add Item to Menu' > select 'External Link'.

Add 'Title'. This is what will appear in your site menu.

Add the 'URL' for the website you are linking to. Ensure the full address is added. If you are unsure, visit the website first and 'copy-and-paste' the full URL address bar from the browser here.

Set 'Behaviour' checkbox:

  • Off will take viewer to website, leaving your site.
  • On will open the website in a new window (or browser tab) meaning your site is still accessible as well as the new site.

Tap 'Done' or 'Cancel' to exit.

Your Site Menu may look similar to the example above.

Change Homepage

Your Homepage is the first page viewers will see when they visit your site.

You can change this at any time from the 'Site Menu Editor' > 'Home Page' located in the lower-left Sidebar.

Tap 'Change'.

Select the page you want as your homepage and tap 'Set as Homepage' or 'Cancel' to exit.

The current homepage will display the house icon.

For further instructions on how to set your homepage please see our Setting your Homepage article here.

Rename Sub-Menu

Hover over right-hand side of the sub-menu item you want to edit. The icon circled above will become visible with the hand pointer icon.

Tap to activate dropdown menu.

Select 'Edit Sub-Menu'

A dialogue panel will be displayed. Enter a new title for your sub-menu.

Tap 'Save' or 'Cancel' to exit.

You can change the 'Title' of your sub-menu at any time.

Change order of menu

When you hover over any menu title in the Site Menu Editor window its appearance will change and the hand icon will appear as well as indicators in the left-hand portion of the panel.

This shows that it is now 'active'.

Tap-and-drag to change the order of appearance.

  • Topmost item will appear first
  • Items can be dragged into or out of any sub-menus and the order changed inside
  • Bottommost item will appear last
  • You can move sub-menus in the same way as individual items, any items inside will move with sub-menu.

Remove item from menu

Hover over right-hand side of menu item you want to remove. The icon circled above will become visible with the hand pointer icon.

Tap to activate dropdown menu.

Select 'Remove From Menu'

A dialogue warning will be displayed. Tap 'Remove from Menu' or 'Cancel' to exit.

  • Removing a Page from your menu does not delete the page.
  • You can create a new Menu Item at any time to add it again.

Save changes

Any changes you make within the Site Menu Editor will not be applied to your Live Site until you have tapped 'Save Changes' in the top-right corner.

Preview site

After saving your changes you can preview your live site by tapping the eye preview icon.

Your menu may appear different from the example above (Horizon Left theme). You can make changes within the Design Editor.

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