We email a receipt after the successful payment of your subscription to the email address used to log into your Format Account.

You can generate a copy at any time from within your Site Settings > Subscription > Billing History = 'See All'

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In this article
  • Access the Subscriptions panel
  • Resend receipt email

Access the Subscriptions panel

Subscriptions panel with additional information added that will appear on the receipt when resent

  1. From the left Sidebar of your Dashboard, tap 'Site Settings' icon
  2. Tap 'Subscription'
  3. Under 'Billing History' tap 'Show All' button
  4. 'Additional Information' any text you add in this field will appear on your receipt. For example, your Company/Business name, address and/or tax number.
  5. 'Save Changes'

Resend receipt email

Viewing the subscription transactions you can resend a receipt using the 'Resend' button

  1. View the subscription transactions and use 'Resend' button for email receipt.

Email receipt example

email receipt example

The receipt will be emailed to your Format Account login email address.

  1. Company Name and address details added
  2. Tax number added (examples only)

Reach us online at our live chat or via our email if you have any more questions. We’re happy to help!