You can share your Discount Code in any way you like.

Your customer adds the Discount Code in the Shopping Cart panel before checkout.

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In this article
  • Sharing Discount Codes
  • Adding the Discount Code
  • Applying the Discount Code
  • PayPal Checkout

Sharing Discount Codes

Including in an email campaign is likely to be the easiest because you can provide the direct URL to your Store for easy access.

Because the discount is applied at the checkout stage, customers will not see a reduction on the Product price until they are ready to pay.

This is so you can have Products with different discounts, depending on the code being used and how you have set the discount code up.

Adding the Discount Code

Viewing the shopping car before adding the discount code

  1. Your customer can 'Add Discount Code' in their Shopping Cart before continuing to the 'Secure Checkout' with PayPal

Apply the Discount Code

Shopping Cart showing the discount code has been entered, ready to apply

  1. Product price before discount
  2. Discount code entered
  3. Tap 'Apply'

Lower portion of Shopping Cart showing that the discount code has been applied successfully

  1. The Shopping Cart will refresh and show the Discount Code has been accepted
  2. Continue to 'Secure Checkout' with PayPal

PayPal Checkout

PayPal Checkout screen showing the discount has been applied to the product price.

  1. At the PayPal Checkout tap the cart icon and total dropdown
  2. Original Product price/s shown
  3. Discount code name and discount applied
  4. Subtotal before continuing and either logging into an existing PayPal account or as a Guest and completing the payment process.

Discounts do not apply to Shipping costs.

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