HTML editing is possible on Pro level plans and above.

Knowledge of how to create and edit Custom Pages is recommended.

We do not provide technical support for changes made though the HTML editor.

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In this article
  • Adding HTML requires a Pro plan or higher
  • Custom Embed Sections
  • HTML Blocks
  • Convert Text Blocks to HTML
  • Gallery Pages and HTML

Adding HTML requires a Pro plan or higher

Custom Page Media option to add custom embed or HTML block requires Pro Plan

Create or 'Add Section' to a Custom Page

  1. Tap 'Media'
  2. Scroll down to 'Custom Embed' or
  3. 'HTML Block'
  4. Tap to add. If 'View Our Plans' is shown on hover you need to upgrade to a Pro plan or higher.

Custom Embed Sections

Custom embeds field for adding code wrapped in an iframe

Follow the steps above ^ and add a 'Custom Embed' section.

  1. Copy-and-paste your HTML that should be wrapped within an <iframe>…</iframe>.
  2. Save Changes.

HTML Blocks

Adding a HTML block to a Custom Page

Add a HTML Block to your Custom Page

  1. Write/add your own HTML or copy-and-paste from another source. You have a bit more flexibility here than with the 'Custom Embed' section
  2. Save Changes.

Convert Text Blocks to HTML

Text and Image block converted to HTML text
  1. Add a Text or Images (and text section as shown above)
  2. Hover lower-right corner to activate the '</>' toggle to switch from Text to HTML
  3. Tap or slide to HTML
  4. The text field will then change to code, converting any text that was there previously to HTML where you can now add your own HTML
  5. Save Changes.

Gallery Pages and HTML

Gallery page image captions converting from text to html

You can change Header Text, Captions and Text Elements on Gallery Pages to HTML in the same way as on Custom Pages.

Reach us online at our live chat or via our email if you have any more questions. We’re happy to help!