Adding your own logo graphic helps reinforce your branding and keeps your 'look' consistent across different media (screen and print).

Tap any image to view at larger size.

In this article
  • Theme logo sizes
  • Sizing your logo

Theme logo sizes

Each theme displays logos at different sizes depending on the available 'header' and 'site menu areas' space available.

Landscape or Square/Circular shaped logos usually work best.

It may be necessary to modify your logo design to 'make it work' with your selected theme.

Sizing your logo

Make your logo image at least 900 pixels wide and crop it as tight as you can before uploading.

This will ensure it displays in a clean and sharp manner on all devices and displays.

If you have a mainly text-based logo or graphic and want the background to appear underneath (transparent) save as a Transparent PNG file.

Export as a JPEG if you have more of a photographic style logo.

Export as an Animated GIF if you have animated your logo!

You may want to experiment with different export settings and add to your site before deciding what looks best.

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