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Activate the Proofing feature

  1. From your Dashboard, tap 'Proofing'
  2. Tap 'Create'
  3. Tap 'Proofing'

Give your Proofing section a name, e.g. 'Clients' or 'Proofing'

Add project

  1. The 'Projects' tab is where you will see the list view of your Projects once added.
  2. Tap 'Add Project' to create a private project for client review and file delivery.

Add a name for your new project and tap 'Add Project' or 'Cancel' to exit.

Proofing projects panel overview

  1. The path and name of your current project
  2. Your project does not appear automatically in your Site Menu. Tap to activate the Site Menu Editor. View more information.
  3. You page will default to 'Online', you can activate the dropdown and change to 'Private' or 'Offline'.
  4. Images: upload and image management area of all images uploaded.
  5. Activity: see images your client/s have favorited and downloaded (if enabled).
  6. Settings: set specifically for this project, includes watermark, download ability and activity notification alerts.
  7. Edit Design: make changes to overall theme settings
  8. Order by: change the view order of your images. Includes by Filename, Timestamp and Upload.
  9. Save: any changes you make within the Proofing Editor will not be applied to your Live Site until you have tapped 'Save Changes' in the top-right corner.

Add images

Tap 'Add Item +' and select 'Image'. You can also add 'Header Text' or a 'Header Image'

Images of up to 100MB each in JPG format can be uploaded.

We provide you with siz ways of adding your image/s:

  1. Drag & Drop: select from the Finder/Explorer of your computer and drag onto the uploader to start automatically
  2. Upload Images: select images from your computer
  3. Import from Dropbox: connect to your Dropbox account and add any images directly
  4. Import from another Format page: save time
  5. Adobe® Lightroom® direct upload using our Format Publisher plugin. Learn more.
  6. Capture One 12 direct upload using our Capture One plugin. Learn more.

Tap 'Save Changes' top-right after images have been imported.

Project settings

Tap 'Settings'. These are specific for this individual project.

  1. Project Title: you can change this at any time
  2. Project URL: used for your clients to view the project
  3. Client Name: include a client name to be displayed on the project and password screen
  4. Filenames: showing filenames can help your clients identify specific images
  1. Favoriting: give clients the option to mark selected images with a star.
  2. Downloading: allow clients to download image files directly from your project.
  3. Notifications: set your preferences for email notifications
  1. Include Watermark: include a watermark on images in your project to discourage unauthorized distribution. If downloading is allowed the watermark will appear on these images also. Please see our Watermark Editor article
  2. Cover Image: the cover image thumbnail represents this project. It may displayed on your website, depending on your theme
  3. Delete Project: deletes project. Please see our Delete Proofing Project article
  4. Back to Project: returns you back to the Images panel.

'Save Changes' before leaving the 'Settings panel.

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