Creating Client Galleries

Client Galleries allow you to share images with your clients easily. Available on all plans.

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Access Client Galleries feature through Workflow

  1. From your Dashboard, navigate to 'Workflow' and click 'Client Galleries'

  2. Click 'New Client Gallery'

  1. Give your new client gallery a name

  2. Assign to a Client (this is optional)

  3. Select Client from dropdown list of those available or

  4. Click 'Create New Client'

  5. Click 'Add Client Gallery'

Client Gallery panel overview

  1. The path and name of your current project

  2. Your page will default to 'Online'. You can activate the dropdown and change to 'Private' or 'Offline'.

  3. Images: upload and image management area.

  4. Activity: see images your client/s have favorited and downloaded (if enabled).

  5. Settings: set specifically for this project, includes watermark, download ability and activity notification alerts.

  6. Edit Design: make changes to overall theme settings

  7. Add Item+: Upload Images and set Header Text or Header Image

  8. Order by: change the view order of your images. Includes by Filename, Timestamp and Upload.

  9. Share: send link via email to your client/s

  10. Save: any changes you make within the client gallery will not be applied to your Live Site until you have clicked 'Save Changes' in the top-right corner

Image order sequence for Client Galleries

To ensure your images are able to display in order of file name, make sure that you are using the file naming convention similar to filename_0001.jpg, filename_0002.jpg, filename_0011.jpg, filename_0019.jpg, filename_0901.jpg

The filename needs to have leading zeros to ensure that it is ordered.

If images are named filename_1.jpg, filename_2.jpg, filename_11.jpg, filename_19.jpg etc then the order will not be as expected.

Add images

Click 'Add Item +' and select 'Image'. You can also add 'Header Text' or a 'Header Image'

We are able to accept a larger range of image file types up to 100MB each in size for Client Galleries, please see the Workflow Supported File Types guide.

We provide you with five ways of adding your image/s:

  1. Drag & Drop: select from the Finder/Explorer of your computer and drag onto the uploader to start automatically

  2. Upload Images: select images from your computer

  3. Import from another Format page: save time

  4. Import from Dropbox: connect to your Dropbox account and add any images directly

  5. Adobe® Lightroom® Classic direct upload using our Format Publisher plugin. Learn more

  1. Image upload status

  2. Progress indicator and message

  3. Click 'Done'

  4. Images uploaded counter

Click 'Save Changes' top-right after images have been imported.

Image thumbnails options

  1. Hover an image thumbnail to see options appear

  2. Edit 'Image Description'

  3. Change Image

  4. Delete

  5. Selector checkbox for multiple selection of images (see below)

  6. Add Caption

Multi-select images

  1. Click the checkbox in lower-left corner of image thumbnails to select more than one image at a time

  2. Select: All

  3. Select: None (deselects any images already selected)

  4. Number of images selected

  5. Delete

You can also tap-and-drag multi-selected images to move them to a new position (this will change the 'Order by' to show as 'Custom')

  1. Order by: Custom

  2. Confirm 'Change Order'. This will affect the order your client views the images in as well

Client Gallery specific Settings

Click 'Settings'. These are specific for this individual client gallery.

  1. Client Gallery Title: you can change this at any time

  2. Client Gallery Visibility: use dropdown to change to 'Private' and set password for access restrictions

  3. Client Gallery URL: should match title, all lowercase

  4. Client Name: include a client name to be displayed on the page, email notification and password screen

  5. URL link: full URL that will be used to view (in case you want to copy-and-paste to send other notifications)

  1. Scroll down for more options

  2. Client Login Screen (full guide here)

  3. Helpful tips are shown in this area

  4. Filenames

  5. Favoriting

  1. Scroll down for more options

  2. Downloading: allow clients to download image files

  3. Notifications: set your preferences for email notifications

  4. Include Watermark: (see more information on how to set watermark here)

  1. Scroll down to the very bottom!

  2. Cover Image: the cover image thumbnail represents this project. It may displayed on your website, depending on your theme and with Collection Pages

  3. Edit Cover Image (can be different from the Client Login Screen image)

  4. Delete Client Gallery: deletes. Please see our Delete Client Gallery article

'Save Changes' before leaving the 'Settings panel.

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