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How to connect a subdomain
How to connect a subdomain

Use a different subdomain like portfolio, blog or clients. Your site URL would then be similar to:​

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Format sites are connected to your custom domain name on the root and www subdomain. This means your site URL would appear in the web browser as:

You may want your Format portfolio site to be reached using a different subdomain like portfolio, blog or clients as an example. Your site URL would then be similar to:

Format domain settings

  1. From your lower-left sidebar click 'Settings'

  2. Click 'Domain and Email'

  3. Scroll down to Format Address

  4. Under Format Address enter your unique site domain name

  5. Under Add your own domain enter your existing registered subdomain name (replace with your actual custom subdomain name) in our example we have

  6. 'Save Changes'

Add a CNAME Record

This will require you accessing your own domain host (registrars) control panel.

The CNAME record from your registrar sends a request for your to Format.

Format searches for the account that has (example) and loads your site for the visitor.

  1. Access the DNS Records area and locate CNAME (if already exists) or add new CNAME record

  2. Edit

  1. Showing the ROOT domain name you are going to add the subdomain to

  2. Set host to be the subdomain you are wanting to point to In our example we are using clients

  3. Add the value to be the Format Site Address you set in the previous step.

This CNAME record connects your domain to Format. It takes requests for and sends them to

Check domain connection

Changes made at your registrar's control panel are not instant.

These changes can take up to 48 hours to take full effect.

It is best to check your connection after one day.

You will know that your domain connection is working when you enter and your Format site loads with in the address bar.

Still not working?

You may feel you have done everything correctly but your domain is still not working.

Please send us a secure Domain Help Request so we can assist you.

Reach us online at our live chat or via our email if you have any more questions. We’re happy to help!

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