Video instructions

Add video to your Custom Page that has already been uploaded and published on Vimeo or YouTube.

If you have video on your own computer/device that you want to use, see our Hosted Video guide here

Copy URL from Vimeo or YouTube

  1. Locate and copy the full Vimeo our YouTube URL from the browser address bar

Videos set as 'Private' or 'Restricted' may not allow you to add. Ensure you have access (and permission).

Vimeo Unlisted Videos

Vimeo has changed the way their videos are shared and 'Private' videos will not be successfully added.

Use an 'Unlisted' video instead following these steps to ensure settings are correct.

In your Vimeo dashboard, go to the 'Privacy' panel for your video

  1. Select Privacy > Sharing > Link: 'Unlisted'

  2. Embed, use dropdown to set 'Specific domains'

  3. In this field add your Format site address (the one that ends

  4. Tap the '+' icon on the right to add, return to the field (3) and if you have a custom domain name (the address used for visitors to see your site) add this to.

  5. The domains you add will appear here, if you do not have any domains added, you will not be able to show your Unlisted Vimeo video on your Format Portfolio site

Copy Unlisted URL

  1. Tap the link icon next to the word 'Unlisted' at the top of the screen

  2. Tap the 'Copy' button

Add video to a Custom Page

  1. Tap 'Add Section +' and select 'Media'

  2. Scroll down to

  3. Embedded Video templates

  4. Select with our without text

Add Video URL

  1. Tap 'Add Video URL'

  2. Placeholder text underneath for editing

  1. Paste URL from Vimeo or YouTube

  2. The URL (for Unlisted Vimeo URL's these are in two parts, separated by '/')

  3. Tap 'Add Video URL'

  1. The video thumbnail should be visible. Tap to select

  2. Text can be edited

  3. Always 'Save Changes'

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