Video instructions

You can add video to your Custom Page that has already been uploaded and published on either Vimeo or YouTube.

It is not possible to upload or add video directly from your own computer/device.

Add video to a Custom Page

  1. From your Dashboard, tap 'Pages' and either open an existing Custom Page or create a new Custom Page

  2. Select a template from the options available

  3. Or start with a [ Blank Template ].

  1. Tap 'Add Section +' and select 'Media'

  2. You can select Video only to display over the whole section or

  3. Select Video with Text

  1. Tap 'Add Video URL'

  2. Paste URL from Vimeo or YouTube (instructions below)

  3. Tap 'Add Video'

  1. The video thumbnail should be visible

  2. Edit Video URL if changes required

  3. Tap 'Save Changes'

Copy URL from Vimeo or YouTube

Locate and copy the full Vimeo our YouTube URL from the browser address bar.

  1. Paste in full copied URL

  2. Tap the 'checkmark'

The video thumbnail will appear.

Videos set as 'Private' or 'Restricted' may not allow you to add. Ensure you have access (and permission).

Vimeo has a help article here for Changing the privacy settings of your videos

'Save Changes' before leaving the page.

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