Video overview

Access Pages

  1. From the Dashboard, tap 'Pages'
  2. Tap 'Create'
  3. Tap 'Gallery'

A dialogue panel will be displayed. Enter a name for your gallery.

Tap 'Add Gallery' or 'Cancel' to exit.

  1. Page Title (tap to enter field and modify), this can also be changed by the (5) Settings > 'Gallery Title' field
  2. Visibility (default is Online)
  3. Gallery area where you add images and text
  4. Alt Text and Caption editor for bulk changes
  5. Settings for the page including the URL, SEO and Cover Image editor.
  6. Edit Design
  7. 'Add Item +'
  8. Page 'Saved' indicator, always 'Save Changes' before leaving your page

Page visibility

Your new Gallery Page will not automatically appear in your Site Menu.

The 'Visibility' will be shown as 'Online'. There are three visibility 'states' possible: Online, Private and Offline.

  1. Tap to activate dropdown
  2. Change if required

See our Page Visibility article for more information.

Add Item

Tap 'Add Item +' and select from dropdown menu.

Items you can add to your Gallery Page are:

  • Image
  • Video
  • Text Element
  • Header Text
  • Header Image

Add Image

We provide you with five ways of adding your image/s:

  1. Drag & Drop: select from the Finder/Explorer of your computer and drag onto the uploader to start automatically
  2. Upload Images: select images from your computer
  3. Import from another Format page: save time. See our guide.
  4. Import from Dropbox: connect to your Dropbox account and add images directly
  5. Adobe® Lightroom® direct upload using our Format Publisher plugin. Learn more. or Capture One 12 or 2020 direct upload using our Capture One plugin. Learn more.

Add Images > Upload Images

Tap 'Add Item +' > select 'Image'.

Choose option for adding image/s.

Select images and upload.

Find more information on how to prepare your images for Format.

Add Video

Videos can be added from YouTube or Vimeo URLs.

  1. Locate and copy the full YouTube or Vimeo URL from the browser address bar.

Tap 'Add Item +' > select 'Video' and paste in the full URL from YouTube or Vimeo and 'Add Video'

The video thumbnail will appear.

Videos set as 'Private' or 'Restricted' may not allow you to add. Ensure you have access (and permission).

Video thumbnail overview

  1. Thumbnail of video (not changeable from Format)
  2. Open video (directly into new Vimeo or YouTube browser)
  3. Change video
  4. Delete video
  5. Select video
  6. Caption field

Add Text Element

Text Elements will add text to your gallery page and are useful for longer sections of editorial content.

Tap 'Add Item +' > select 'Text Element'.

Tap within the text area to start writing.

Selecting text will bring up formatting options. 

  1. Top line selected with Heading 'TT' styling applied
  2. Heading style
  3. Link text, see guide here
  4. Toggle to HTML editing

Switch to HTML Editing

The HTML button (available on Pro, Pro Plus and Unlimited plans) allows you to add custom HTML to your gallery. Note: you will lose content if you switch between HTML and TEXT. Back up your work in an external text editor before switching.

Add Header Text

Header Text will appear at the top of your pages content.

  1. Header Text
  2. Styling options within this toolbar
  3. Switch to Header Image
  4. Change TEXT to HTML
  5. Delete Header Text section
  6. Save Changes

Add Header Image

You can add a Header Image or Header Text but you can not use both at the same time.

  1. Header Image
  2. Replace Image
  3. Switch to Header Text
  4. Delete Header Image section
  5. Save Changes

A narrow, landscapes style crop may work best, depending on your chosen theme, you may need to 'Preview' and adjust in an image editing application before adding.

Add Captions and Alt Text

  1. Gallery view
  2. Image thumbnail
  3. Tap below to 'Add Caption'
  4. Image counter

You can edit Captions and Alt Text for gallery page images.

  1. To edit Alt Text for an image, hover thumbnail and tap the 'Alt Text' button (it looks like a little tag).
  2. The Alt Text field will appear where the Caption field normally appear.

Alt text should describe the content of an image. Alt text will not be 'visible' on your site. Alt text is designed to help search engines index your images. It is also used to help visually-impaired people understand the content of your site by describing what is depicted in an image. See our Search Engine Optimization article for more info.

Alt Text Editor

The Alt Text Editor can also be used to bulk edit Captions and Alt Text.

  1. Alt Text Editor
  2. Caption
  3. Alt text see our guide for how 
  4. Save Changes

You'll also find an option to remove all information by clicking 'Clear All'.

Multi-select images

Hover thumbnail images and tap in lower left corner to select more than one image at once.

You can now change the order of multiple images or Delete them at once.

Move any item (except for Header Text or Header Image) by tapping-and-dragging' on any thumbnail.

Multi-select and move images

Tap a thumbnail and drag to another location.

Multi-select to more more than one image quickly.


  1. Page Title
  2. Gallery Title: the title of your page how it will appear in your site menu.
  3. Page Visibility: Online, Private or Offline
  4. Gallery URL: this path will follow your site in your url. eg: Best practice is to use lower-case characters and a hyphen '-' between words.
  5. SEO Optimization visual showing result of the information you add to the fields
  6. SEO Page Title how it appears in the search results
  7. Cover Image thumbnail
  8. Delete Page

The cover image thumbnail represents this page when displayed in a Collection. Its layout is determined by your website theme. Read more.


  1. Tap 'Preview' to see you page as it will appear on your live site
  2. Close

Your site will appear different, depending on the theme. You can make changes within the Design panel.

Add to Site Menu

When you first Save Changes you will have the option to

  1. Add to Site Menu and be taken to the Page Editor
  2. Leave page NOT IN MENU and add manually later.

See our guide for managing your pages.

Still have questions? Reach us on our live chat or email us at We’re here to help!

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