You can select cover images to visually represent collections, gallery, custom, store pages, and blog posts. The cover image will also be shown when you share a link on Twitter or Facebook.

Video instructions

Cover images

You can adjust the crop, scale, and position of your cover image at any time, depending on your theme, it may not appear as cropped (square) some themes have wide landscape cover images (Albers).

Access is from the Collections Page Editor.

Hover over top portion of thumbnail to activate the 'Edit Cover Image' pop-up.

You can also edit the cover image of any page from the 'Pages Editor' > 'select page' > 'Settings' > 'Cover Image'.

Cover images automatically match the aspect ratio of your themes design. Learn how to modify your themes Collection layout in the Design Editor.

Crop Cover Image

You can change the cropping, size or position.

Tap 'Done' or 'Cancel' to exit.

Replace cover image

Tap 'Change Cover Image'.

You can 'Upload' a new image or 'Import' from an existing page.

Tap 'Done' or 'Cancel' to exit.

Save changes

Any changes you make within the Settings or Collections Page Editor will not be applied to your live site until you have tapped 'Save Changes' in the top-right corner.

Sharing your page

The cover image will be shown when you share your page to Facebook, Twitter etc.

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