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Changing your Cover Image
Changing your Cover Image

Cover Images are used to visually represent the pages within your site.

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You can select Cover Images to visually represent Collection Pages, Gallery Pages, Custom Pages, Store, Client Galleries, and Blog posts. The Cover Image will also be shown when you share a link on Twitter, Facebook or other social networks.

When you create any page type, the default Cover Image is the first image add to the page.

You can adjust the crop, scale, and position of your cover image at any time, depending on your theme, it may not appear as cropped (square) as some themes have wide landscape cover images (Albers).

Video instructions

Edit Page

  1. Click 'Pages' from left sidebar

  2. Hover over Page Title

  3. Click 'Edit'

  4. Preview of Cover Images on a Collection Page in Albers theme

Activate Settings Panel

  1. Most page types have a 'Settings' link in the top header area.

  1. Settings panel accessed

  2. Scroll down to Cover Image area

  3. Click 'Edit Cover Image' link

  1. Click 'Change Cover Image' to replace

  2. Size and crop slider, tap and hold over image to reposition

  3. Click 'Done' when finished

  1. Image replaced with another from same page

  2. Click 'Done' when finished

  3. Click 'Save Changes'

Editing from Collection Pages

When you created the Collection Page originally, the first linked page you added will be displaying the default Cover Image for the Collection Page. The Collection Pages Cover Image help article is worth viewing for a better explaination.

  1. Click 'Pages' from left sidebar and select your Collection Page to edit

  2. Page Title (of Collection Page)

  3. Settings link

  4. Hover over Cover Image thumbnail for individual pages then click 'Edit Cover Image'

  1. Click 'Change Cover Image' to replace

  2. Size and crop slider, tap and hold over image to reposition

  3. Click 'Done' when finished

Change Cover Image

  1. Click 'Upload Images' or drag & drop image here to upload

  2. Click 'Import from Format' to select an image that you have already uploaded and saved to an existing page.

  3. 'Import from Dropbox' is also an option

Import from Format

  1. Select an existing Page

  1. Click to select the replacement Cover Image

  1. Click-and-hold and move around to reposition (crop)

  2. Slider to increase-reduce size of image

  3. Click 'Done'

  1. Replaced Cover Image now appears for the Page

  2. Click 'Save Changes'

Any changes you make within the Settings or Collections Page Editor will not be applied to your live site until you have clicked 'Save Changes' in the top-right corner.

Cover images automatically match the aspect ratio of your themes design. Learn how to modify your themes Collection layout in the Design Editor.

Sharing your page

The cover image will be shown when you share your page to Facebook, Twitter etc.

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