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Updating the Format Publisher plugin for Adobe® Lightroom®
Updating the Format Publisher plugin for Adobe® Lightroom®

Useful for those who have an earlier version installed and need to update to the latest release.

Updated over a week ago

This guide shows how to update the Format Publisher for Lightroom to the latest version v1.5.11 (19 Feb 2024)

You will already be familiar with how to install, or can refer to our original setup guide here.

Access Lightroom Publish Services

  1. From the Library module, scroll down left sidebar until you reach

  2. 'Publish Services'

  3. Double-click to open 'Format Publisher' or

  1. From the File menu dropdown

  2. Select 'Plug-in Manager…'

Open Plug-in Manager…

  1. From the Lightroom Publishing Manager modal, click the 'Plug-in Manager…' button in lower-left corner

Download and Replace with latest version

  1. From the Lightroom Plug-in Manager

  2. Select 'Format' plugin

  3. Go to Status > and Disable

  4. Click 'Check for updates'

  5. Click 'Download latest version'

  6. Click 'Show in Finder' (to allow you to open up the location where the plugin is stored.

  7. Then in the lower left corner 'Remove' the plugin

You can also Download new copy of the Format Plugin from

  1. You may need to 'Allow' the plugin file to be downloaded

  2. Download progress bar (tap to view in Finder)

  1. The file should be saved to your Downloads folder

  2. Double-click to expland

  1. The unzipped plugin named format-1.5.11.lrplugin is what you will use next

  1. Move the new version of the plugin into the Open Folder location (for the plugin)

  1. New version in correct folder

  2. Remove the older version/s

  1. Return to Lightroom Plugin Manager and click 'Add' lower-left corner

  2. Navigate to, and select the latest plugin

  3. Click 'Add Plug-in'

  1. Plugin will show Installed and Running

  2. Latest version showing

  3. Status confirmed again for latest version and plugin enabled (v1.5.11 as at 19 Feb 2024)

  4. Click 'Done'

  1. Under the Lightroom Publishing Manager go to 'Syncing' panel and click 'Sync with Format'.

You should now have the latest plugin installed and activated and can continue to use for uploading to Gallery Pages and Client Galleries.


If you encounter any errors on uploading, please try logging out of the Format Publisher Plugin (via the Lightroom Publishing Manager window), and then log back in with your email address and password (for your Format account).

If that doesn't help please reach us on our live chat or email us at We’re here to help!

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