Supported image files JPEG, PNG or Animated GIF

  • JPEG files are best of photographic images
  • PNG-8 good for logos
  • PNG-24 best for logos, illustrations, still images and transparency
  • GIF files are best for simple animations or graphics with flat colors
  • Image files can be up to 50MB in size

Exporting from Adobe Photoshop for Gallery or Custom Pages: video instructions

Export images from Adobe Photoshop or similar

If you are using Adobe Photoshop or similar as your image editor you will want to save your images using the 'File' > 'Export' > 'Save for Web (Legacy)…' option.

Images that are not 'saved for web' may have color profiles attached that display poorly in some web browsers. This is more noticeable on mobile devices.

Recommended settings for JPEGs

Gallery page image files can be up to 50MB in size but for best results we recommend these settings for saving your JPEGs

  1. Select JPEG
  2. Quality level 95% (recommended)
  3. Tick 'Optimized' and 'Embed Color Profile'
  4. Tick 'Convert to sRGB'
  5. Set the longest edge of your image to 2500px 
  6. Indication of saved image size and type
  7. Save your image

DPI stands for 'Dots for Inch' and is important for printing on paper but not on-screen viewing. If your application requires a value, please set to 96dpi.

Export images from Adobe Photoshop Lightroom Classic CC using the Format Publisher plugin

The Format Publisher plugin simplifies the tasks of uploading and updating your Gallery Pages and Proofing projects. Instead of exporting JPEGs to your desktop and then uploading you can export directly. Saving steps, time and allowing you to automatically configure the settings necessary.

Our Format Publisher article will show you how to download, install, configure and export images.

Recommended settings for Proofing projects

If you are using our Proofing feature and allowing your clients to download full resolution images you will not want to restrict the Image Sizing or Quality of the image compression.

Recommended settings for Logos

Each theme displays logos at different sizes.

Make your logo image at least 900 pixels wide and crop tightly to remove excess 'white space' before uploading.

If you have a mainly text-based logo or graphic and want the background to appear underneath (transparent) save as a transparent PNG file.

Export as a JPEG if you have more of a photographic style logo.

Export as an animated GIF if you have animated your logo!

See our more detailed Preparing your Logo guide.

You may want to experiment with different export settings and add to your site before deciding what looks best.

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