Sharing a Client Gallery

Easily share a Client Gallery with your clients with a pre-formatted email template

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Share Client Gallery

  1. Click 'Share'

  2. Add client/s email address. You can add more than one recipient (up to three recipients) by adding a comma between the email addresses

  3. You can change the Logo, your Sender Name and Email address under the Site Settings > Site panel.

  4. Add your Subject

  5. Add a Message to your client (optional)

  6. Show the link to the project in the email

  7. If a Password has been set, it will be included in email

  8. Click 'Send Email'

Message sent confirmation

Email message

  1. Your message will be sent showing your Sender Name but the sending address will be <> which is our message sending service

  2. Click 'View Images' link to go directly to the Client Gallery

  3. The Password set in Page Visibility > Private will be included with the message (if enabled)

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