Deleting Client Galleries

There are many ways to delete Client Galleries when you no longer need them.

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Delete from the Client Galleries list

  1. From your Dashboard, click 'Client Galleries'

  2. Hover the gallery you want to delete, click the '' that appears when hovering the right side

  3. Use the dropdown to select 'Delete Client Gallery'

Delete Client Gallery from Settings panel

  1. From your Dashboard, click 'Client Galleries' > select Client Gallery from list on right that you want to delete

  2. Click 'Settings' link

  3. Scroll to bottom of this panel and 'Delete Client Gallery'

You will be presented with a final warning before you can Delete Client Gallery.

There is no ability to recover a Client Gallery once deleted.

Delete more than one Client Gallery

  1. From your Dashboard, click 'Pages'

  2. Click 'Options'

  3. Select 'Delete Pages' from the dropdown

  1. Click to set a 'tick' in the checkbox, you can select one or many pages

  2. Number of pages selected shown

  3. Click 'Delete Pages'

There is no ability to recover Client Galleries once deleted.

Delete a single Client Gallery from the Pages list

  1. From the left sidebar navigate to Portfolio click 'Pages'

  2. Hover the page you want to delete and click the '…' ellipse icon

  3. From the dropdown, click 'Delete Permanently'

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