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Connect your custom domain name
Connect your custom domain name

Connect an existing custom domain name to your website.

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When your Hover custom domain name is set up correctly  will display your Format site with  showing in the web browser address (URL) bar.

This guide uses, and as EXAMPLES ONLY. You will replace these with your own unique Format Address and Custom Domain Name.

Format Domain settings

  1. From the lower-left of your Format sidebar, navigate to 'Settings'

  2. Click 'Domain and Email'

  3. Scroll down to the Format Address area

  4. Replace the auto-generated Format Address with your own unique Format Address (it is best to match as closely as possible to your actual custom domain name (in this example jane-dovercourt without the .com or other .tld (top-level-domain extension)

  5. Website Domain: your website can always be accessed through your Format address (in this example )

  6. Click 'Connect Your Domain' to access and enter your existing custom domain name (see screenshot below)

Add your existing Custom Domain Name

  1. Add your unique existing custom domain name. If you have previously used the same domain name with another Format website it will not be possible to use this without it being disconnected from the other website, contact our support team

  2. Follow instructions to update your domain registrar/provider DNS Zone settings to connect to your Format site (you will sign in to your account to complete the connection, see below)

  3. Click 'Save Changes'

Failed Connection

  1. Failed Connections happen when the correct connection settings have not been sent, or propagated (updated) from your domain registrar

  2. BEFORE you click the 'File a help request' link ensure you have completed the remaining steps in this guide below:

Sign in to

  1. 'Sign in' or

  2. Click 'Format' icon under the 'User your domain with your favorite service' area

If you have more than one custom domain name registered with, select the one you want to connect to your Format site.


  1. The 'Overview' panel shows general overview of your settings.

  2. Click 'Connect' and select 'Format' or 'Get Started'

  3. Check the nameservers are set to and (this is the default unless you have transferred your domain from another domain registrar).

Three-step Connect

  1. Add your custom domain name to Format

  2. Add your Format Address (do not include ''), a 'tick' will appear when entered correctly

  3. Click 'Connect' or 'Cancel' to exit.

Do not include "http://" at the beginning of the address.

Confirmation Message from Hover

A confirmation message will be displayed.

Sometimes it can take as long as 24 hours for your website to be connected to your domain.

Check domain connection

Changes made in your Hover account are not usually instant. They may take up to 24 hours to fully propagate and connect.

It is best to check your connection after one day.

You will know that your domain connection is working when you enter and your Format site loads with in the address bar. (Be sure to check that www is visible in the address bar along with a 'secure padlock' icon).

Custom Domain Connection Confirmed

  1. Status updated to show as 'Connected'

Your custom domain should connect within 24 hours once all settings here, and the Hover DNS Zone records have been set correctly.

Still not working?

You may feel you have done everything correctly, just as this guide says, but your domain is still not working.

Please send us a secure Domain Help Request so we can assist you.

2-factor authentication

If your domain provider requires 2-factor authentication when accessing your account, please reach out to us via live chat once you have submitted the Domain Help Request form.

Still have questions? Reach us on our live chat or email us at We’re here to help!

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