When your Cloudflare served custom domain name is set up correctly yourdomain.com will load your Format site with https://www.yourdomain.com showing in the address bar.

Throughout this guide we are using the example custom domain name janedovercourt.com with the Format Address of jane-dovercourt.format.com

These are EXAMPLES ONLY you will replace these with your own unique Format address and custom domain name.

Format Domain Settings

  1. From your Dashboard sidebar tap 'Settings'

  2. Tap 'Domain and Email'

  3. Scroll down

  4. Under Format Address enter your unique site domain name

  5. Format Site Address that you will use in Cloudinary to add as the 'www CNAME'
    Under Add your own domain enter your existing registered domain name (replace example.com with your actual custom domain name)

  1. Tap the 'Connect Your Domain' button which then allows you to add your existing domain name.

  2. Follow these instructions for connecting Cloudflare managed domain name

  3. 'Save Changes'

Cloudflare: Create Page Rule

  1. Sign in to your Cloudflare account.

  2. Tap 'Rules' from the top navigation strip

  3. Tap 'Create Page Rule'

  1. Add your root domain name as shown

  2. Select: Forwarding URL

  3. Select: 301 - Permanent Redirect

  4. Add your own full URL like http://www.janedovercourt.com  (not our example!)

  5. Tap 'Save and Deploy'.

Add DNS Settings

  1. Tap 'DNS' from the top navigation strip if records already exist edit or add so they appear as follows

  2. Type A Record on the root domain**

  3. Content default Cloudinary IP Address

  4. Proxy status Proxied (orange Cloud icon with arrow going through)

  5. Type CNAME on www Subdomain

  6. Add your Format Site Address (do not include http://)

  7. Tap 'Proxy status' icon and change to 'DNS only' (grey Cloud icon with arrow bypassing over the top)

    Tap Add Record.

** If there is no default A Record IP address, please add the IP address this uses a wwwizer service to redirect from the root to the www subdomain

Check Your Domain Connection

Changes to your registrar's site are not instant! They can take up to 48 hours to take full effect (however, it usually takes a few hours). It's best to check your connection after one day.

You will know that your domain connection is working when you enter example.com and your Format site loads with https://www.example.com  in the address bar.

Be sure to check that www comes up in the address bar.

Still have questions? Reach us on our live chat or email us at info@format.com We’re here to help!

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