Connect your domain name via Cloudflare to your Format portfolio site.

Throughout this document example, and are EXAMPLES ONLY you will replace these with your own unique Format address and custom domain name.

Redirect Domain with Page Rule

Sign in to your Cloudflare account.

Select 'Page Rules' from the top navigation strip

  1. Add your domain name as shown

  2. Select: Forwarding URL

  3. Select: 301 - Permanent Redirect

  4. Add your own full url  (not our example!)

  5. Tap 'Save and Deploy'.

Add CNAME to DNS Settings

  1. Select 'DNS' from the top navigation strip

  2. Select: 'CNAME'

  3. Add www 

  4. Add your Format Site Address (do not include http://)

  5. Leave set to Automatic TTL

  6. Tap icon so it does not have orange line-arrow (bypasses Cloudflare caching)

  7. Tap Add Record.

You can now log out of Cloudflare.

Format Domain Settings

  1. From your Dashboard sidebar tap 'Settings'

  2. Tap 'Domain'

  3. Under Format Address enter your unique site domain name

  4. Under Add your own domain enter your existing registered domain name (replace with your actual custom domain name)

  5. 'Save Changes' or

  6. File a Help Request and we will help connect for you.

Check Your Domain Connection

Changes to your registrar's site are not instant! They can take up to 48 hours to take full effect (however, it usually takes a few hours). It's best to check your connection after one day.

You will know that your domain connection is working when you enter and your Format site loads with  in the address bar.

Be sure to check that www comes up in the address bar.

If you have issues, please contact Cloudflare as we are unable to provide further support.

Still have questions? Reach us on our live chat or email us at We’re here to help!

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