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Advanced Color options
Advanced Color options

Change all the colours on your site.

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The 'ADVANCED' panel of Colors allows you to override the BASIC Key Colors and customize every color on your site. This is important if you have a specific 'branding' to match.

Every theme has individual characteristics, the screenshots shown may not match your theme.

Advanced: Overview of all Colors

  1. Click the 'Colors' panel in the Design editor. Click 'ADVANCED'

  2. To the right of each section heading (SITE MENU in this example) is the option to 'View All' all variables associated with that section

  3. Click a color swatch to edit

  4. Scroll up/down

The best way is to modify the swatches and preview the changes and refine.

Changing Advanced Colors

  1. Click the swatch to activate the Color Picker

  2. User slider (up/down) on right to pick the base color

  3. Use the picker circle to refine the color or

  4. Add the #HEX number directly into the field above

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