You can be creative and add your own personal style to your site. They have the flexibility to add text, images, contact forms, maps, audio and videos (from Vimeo or YouTube) to a page.

Video overview

Add a Custom Page

  1. From your Dashboard tap 'Pages'.
  2. Tap 'Create'
  3. Tap 'Custom Page'.

Give your new page a name.

Start from Scratch or use a Custom Page template

  1. Start from Scratch, add text, images, videos and other media to this page
  2. Use a Custom Page Template, choose from over 60 customizable About Pages, contact forms, splash (Title) pages and more.

Choose a Custom Page template

You can 'View All' at once or select a tab to narrow down the options:

  1. About for your 'About Me/Us' page
  2. Contact has pre-built Contact Message forms for sending you enquiries
  3. Resume for including details about yourself, your achievements, education, work experience etc.
  4. Story for essays with photos.
  5. Title Page for splash/landing/title pages

Hovering over a thumbnail will make it scroll, showing you more of the pages design/layout.

Selecting a [ Blank Template ] will allow you to add your own Sections in the order you want, making it a truly Custom Page.

Page Settings

Adjust the settings of your Custom Page.

  • Title is the name of your Custom Page.
  • Path is the unique address of your page. This should be lowercase with a hyphen between each word.
  • Description should describe the content of the Custom Page. It will only be shown in search engine results. It will not be visible on your site. Your description should be between 150-160 characters.

Add images

Tap an image to replace with your image with your own.

A mini-toolbar will appear above with options to 'Change Image'

You can also change the image shape (see Using Image Toolbar below).

Add video (from Vimeo or YouTube)

See our more detailed guide for adding Video to a Section

Add image sets (Slideshow)

  1. Add Section > Images scroll down
  2. Image Sets
  3. Select Slideshow with thumbnails underneath
  1. Add Images
  2. The transition speed can be set between 2 to 20 seconds
  3. Autoplay can be turned ON or OFF (default OFF)
  4. You can change the way your images are displayed at any time with the style dropdown (so you don't need to re-upload if you decide not to use the Slideshow option).
  5. Save Changes.

Edit text

Add your own text and headlines with your own words.

Add sections

The template page you have selected may not look exactly how you want it to.

You can Add Sections to the page to make it look the way you want.

You can add Text and Images, swap in your own content as shown above, and or add Forms and Divider sections.

Using one of our pre-built Contact Forms is a great way of making it easy for viewers to contact you. Any messages sent will go to your Format Account email address. You can add Divider sections in between your other sections.

Change section order or delete

You can also delete a Section by hovering over the top right corner and clicking the 'X' icon., And confirming on the Warning box that will appear.

By hovering over a Section on the left-hand site you will see a light 'slider' graphic appear.

Tap-and-drag up or down to change the section ordering on your page.

Using image toolbar

After you have uploaded your image, you can tap it to activate the Image Toolbar which contains additional options for your image:

Using the Toolbar options you can:

  • Change the image shape
  • Zoom in (recrop and position) image
  • Change (replace) image
  • Link the image to another page within your site or an external webpage/site
  • Add Alt text.

Add a HTML section (Pro level plans and above)

HTML embeds can be added to Custom page on Pro level plans and above.

You can create new HTML sections or convert existing text Sections to HTML editing mode, and then paste in the HTML code for the embed you want to add, such as custom forms.

Save changes

As you work on your Custom Page it is important to 'Save Changes' regularly.

Preview your page using the Preview 'eye icon'.

Still have questions? Reach us on our live chat or email us at We’re here to help!

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