Changing your fonts

Your site's fonts can be changed easily using the Basic Typography Editor panel

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Your website's fonts can be changed easily using the Basic Typography Editor panel. This allows you to set your default Heading Font, Body Font and the Base Font Size.

Video overview

Basic Panel: Overview of Key Text Styles

Click the 'Typography' panel in the Design editor to activate.

  1. The default setting is the BASIC panel.

  2. Heading Font: used for header Text Elements and all other headings

  3. Body Font: text used throughout your site

  4. Base Font Size: visible slider for setting the initial size.

  1. Preview of font selected

  2. Name of font and dropdown to select different fonts

  3. Click to 'Browse Font Library'

  1. Search for Font by name if known, or used previously

  2. Narrow down the Font Style with this dropdown selector

  3. Scroll through our extensive list of fonts and weights

Changing font updates the Preview and in-app Preview on the right showing how your site will look.

Advanced Typography editing

Now that you have selected your Key Font Styles and the Base Font Size you can customize all font style and sizes further.

Please view our Advanced Typography Editor guide.

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