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How to ‘Share’ your website
How to ‘Share’ your website

We have made it easy for you, or others, to ‘Share’ your Format portfolio website with minimal effort.

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This will help you drive web traffic towards your site.

We have preset ‘Shares’ to Facebook, Twitter (now rebranded as X), Tumblr and Pinterest.

What does the 'Share' button do?

Click the 'Social Sharing' panel in the Design editor to activate.

  1. When enabled, the ‘Share’ link will appear in your live website's Site Menu and allows you (or viewers) to easily share your site.

Where will the Share link appear?

Depending on your theme the ‘Share’ link may either be displayed as text or an icon.

Share icon link shown in top-right corner of Site Menu of the ‘Panorama’ theme.

Share text link shown at bottom of the dropdown Site Menu of the ‘Beacon’ theme.

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