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Changing your Footer Text
Changing your Footer Text

Most themes have a Footer area that allows you to include your copyright or contact information.

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The Footer area of your site allows you to include your copyright or contact information. It may be displayed at the bottom of the browser window or below the menu.

Compatible themes

Not every theme supports the display of footer text on every page type.

It is not displayed on Title Pages.

Editing Footer Text

From the left sidebar open 'Portfolio' and tap 'Design' and select 'Theme'

  1. Theme options displayed

  2. Footer Text, change or add your own contact information here

  3. Click the 'View All' text link to access Typography and Color options for the Footer

All Footer Text Options

  1. Another option to edit the Footer Text field

  2. Set the Footer Text Color

  3. Experiment with different Typography options

'Save Changes' and view.

How to add links

You can select any portion of your Footer Text and make this a link to a Page within your site, an external Website or Mailto an email address.

You can have more than one text link in the Footer, so you could have one to a Privacy Page (shown in our example) as well as adding a Mailto email address link.

  1. Select Page (to keep link within your site)

  2. Use the Choose a page dropdown to locate the page to link

  3. Click the page to select

  4. Then click 'Create' (and Save Changes)

Edit Footer Text Link

Ensure the text is selected (it will be colored light blue)

  1. URL displayed for the link to your Page / Website or Mailto address

  2. Click 'Edit'

  3. or 'Remove' if no longer required

Always 'Save Changes'

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