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Changing your websites’ colors
Changing your websites’ colors

You have ability to fine-tune every color option within your site.

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Your websites’ colors can be edited quickly by changing three 'Key Colors' with our Basic Colors Editor.

This is a good way to start customizing the look of your site, then you can move to the Advanced Colors Editor to fine-tune every color option available.

Basic: Overview of Key Colors

Click the 'Colors' panel in the Design editor.

When selecting your Theme the Preset option selected will automatically set your Background Color, Text Color and Accent Color.

  1. The default setting is the BASIC panel and changes here affect all content within your site

  2. Background Color: the background color throughout the site

  3. Text Color: all Headlines, Body Text, Captions, Menu Items, Blog Text and Footer Text can be set here. The Text Logo color is set separately

  4. Accent Color: for Text Links, Site Menu Hover/Selected, Page Links and Social Links

Changing Key Colors

  1. Click the swatch to activate Color Picker

  2. Use slider (up/down) on right to pick the base color

  3. Use the picker circle to refine the color or add the #HEX number directly into the field above

View changes in the Preview window

As you make changes to the colors you can see the results in the Preview panel on the right.

  1. Save Changes to apply to your Live Site

Advanced Color Edits

To refine individual colors further toggle to the Colors 'ADVANCED' panel.

See our Advanced Color Editor guide.

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