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Adding your Website Title and Logo
Adding your Website Title and Logo

Set your name as a Text Logo or upload your own business logo as a graphic

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You can set your name as a Text Logo or upload your own business logo as a graphic. This is a great way of branding your Format portfolio site and making it stand out.

A site icon (favicon) can also be added, this will appear in the web browser tab.

Setting a Text Logo

Click 'Website Title and Logo' panel in the Design editor.

A Text Logo is used for your default Website Logo (Site Name).

  1. Click the 'Text Logo' icon

  2. Change the 'Website Title Text' field

  3. The Preview pane will update as you edit

Change the Text Logo Font, Size and Color

Website Title Font: the dropdown menu will allow you to select from our extensive range of hand-picked fonts.

Website Title Font Size: use the slider to reduce or enlarge. You can also tap on the numerals directly (33px shown) and enter the size directly.

Website Title Color: change to suit.

Some themes have additional options.

Adding an Image Logo

If you have an exisiting business logo or graphic you can use this instead of a Text Logo.

It is not possible to have both a Text Logo and Image Logo displayed at the same time.

You can upload a JPG, PNG or Animated GIF.

  1. Click 'Image Logo'

  2. Click 'Add Image' to upload

Trim Logo Background: remove extra white space around your logo

Logo Image Size: use the slider to reduce or enlarge your image logo. This is dependant on the Theme and the available space in the 'header' area.

Alignment: (theme dependant)

The logo will appear in the Preview pane.

Make adjustments and view how it will appear on Desktop, Mobile (below) or Full-screen devices.

Set destination of Website Logo Link

By default, your Website Logo, when tapped links to the Homepage of your site. If you are using a Title Page you may prefer to set a different page and now you can!

  1. Set 'Always Link to Homepage' toggle OFF

  2. The current 'Link' will be shown. Tap to change

  1. Links can be to a Page within your site, an external Website or email address

  2. Use the dropdown menu to choose a page

  3. Select the page you want

Adding a Site Icon (favicon)

Replace our default Site Icon (favicon) with your own graphic.

For best results save at 192px wide by 192px high as a PNG or GIF file.

Replace Site Icon

Click 'Replace' and add your saved graphic PNG or GIF file

This will appear in the top tab of the web browser window along with your Site Title and Page Title and also in search engine results (once their indexes have updated, may be days or weeks, after replacing before it appears).

Still have questions? Reach us on our live chat or email us at We’re here to help!

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