Video instructions

It isn't possible to display or combine features from more than one theme on your website.

Basic Theme settings

  1. From the left sidebar tap 'Design'

  2. Tap 'Theme'

  1. The default setting is the BASIC panel

  2. Tap 'Explore Themes' to preview a new theme

  3. The Current Theme's name and preview thumbnail

'Save Changes' to apply the theme previewed. Your live site is updated immediately.

All images and text content is saved and not touched when changing themes.

Advanced Theme Options

  1. Tap the 'ADVANCED' panel

The Advanced settings allow you to customize the layout of your header (site menu/navigation), footer and different page types.

Themes may have settings different from the screenshots (Sierra theme shown).

Options Overview

  1. Tap the right-arrow icon to access all settings for a specific area within your site

Full Options for Specific Area

Different themes will have unique options.


  1. Activate tooltip by hovering the '?'

Experiment with enabling different settings and viewing in the preview pane or your live site.

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