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It isn't possible to display features from more than one theme on your website.

Basic Theme settings

Tap the 'Themes' panel in the Design editor.

  1. The default setting is the BASIC panel
  2. Tap 'Explore Themes' to preview a new theme
  3. The Current Theme's name and preview thumbnail
  4. Presets allow you to change the Key Colors. The preview pane will reflect the selection made.

'Save Changes' to apply the theme previewed. Your live site is updated immediately.

All images and text content is saved and not touched when changing themes.

Advanced Theme Options

Tap the 'ADVANCED' panel

The Advanced settings allow you to customize the layout of your header (site menu/navigation), footer and different page types.

Themes may have settings different from the screenshots (Albers theme shown).

Site Menu (navigation)

Tap dropdown to select available style options.

The setting options have a tool-tip that can be activated by hovering the '?'

Some changes may not be not visible until you test in the preview pane or on your live site.

Changing the Footer Text

Change or add your own contact information here.

Some themes do not display Footer Text on Gallery Pages..

Gallery Pages

Different themes will have unique settings.

Collection Pages

Experiment with enabling different settings and viewing in the preview pane or your live site.

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