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Changing your websites theme
Changing your websites theme

The theme determines the overall look and layout of your site and you can change at any time, all content is safely displayed in new theme.

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It isn't possible to display or combine features from more than one theme on your website.

Change Themes

When you initially started your Format site you would have selected a Theme but you can change this at any time.

  1. From the left sidebar under Portfolio click 'Design'

  2. Click 'Theme'

  3. Click 'Change Theme'

  4. The Current Theme preview will be displayed on-right

Browse Themes

  1. Select a Profession or

  2. Select a Gallery Style (Horizontal Scroll, Tiled, Vertical Scroll, Fullscreen, Slideshow)

  3. Hover over the theme thumbnail then tap Preview or

  4. Click 'Theme Details'

  5. Your current theme will be shown here as 'IN USE'

Theme Details

  1. Theme Name

  2. Navigation to view other themes easily

  3. Preview Theme

  4. Thumbnail of how theme may appear on Desktop or Mobile devices

  5. Other similar recommended templates

Try This Template

  1. Click 'Try This Template'

Import Example Pages

  1. New theme name

  2. Import Example Pages allows you to import the example pages from the new theme to use as a template for your site. Any edited (existing) pages will be saved.

  3. Click 'Save Changes' to apply the theme previewed. Your live site is updated immediately.

All images and text content is saved and not touched when changing themes.

  1. Click 'Save Changes & Import Pages'

It is not possible to revert to your previous theme after 'Save Changes' has been tapped. Prior to this you could use the 'Clear Changes' to return to the theme you had been using.

In-App Preview Overview

  1. As you hover or tap in the Preview window you may get the following

  2. ACTIONS: Click, or Edit Page Content

  3. EDIT DESIGN: Depending on the area you will have direct access to edit the specific area (applies to all similar pages within your site).

Page List

  1. Click 'Pages' from the left sidebar

  2. Pages in your Site Menu appear in the top 'IN MENU' area

  3. Hover a Page Title to get access to the 'Edit' tool

Editing a Gallery Page

  1. This shows that it is an EXAMPLE page

  2. Once you edit/delete/add content to this page the EXAMPLE tag will be cleared

See our Create a Gallery Page help article for more information or for more information on different types of pages see our Types of Pages help article.

Restore Example Pages again

  1. Access the 'Pages' area

  2. Click 'Options' to access dropdown list

  3. Click 'Restore Example Pages'

  1. Click 'Restore Example Pages'

This option may not be available for your website, contact us if you need the Example Pages restored.

Still have questions? Reach us on our live chat or email us at We’re here to help!

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