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Title Pages can be set as the Home page (landing page) or used within your site to separate content in creative ways.

Please ensure your theme has been updated to the latest release to access the new 'Lindsay Smith' template

Note: To make this your first page of your site please take a look at our article on how to set your Homepage

Create a Title Page

  1. From your Dashboard tap 'Pages'.

  2. Tap 'Create'

  3. Tap 'Custom Page'

  1. Enter a name for your Title Page

  2. Tap 'Add Custom Page'

  1. Tap 'Select a Template'

  1. Select 'Title Page' template

  2. Tap the top-left 'Lindsay Smith' thumbnail, this template has advanced design features (the remaining five are very limited)

Once a template is selected, switching templates will delete and reset any content added.

  1.  Tap on the background placeholder image to activate the 'Replace Background' image

  2. Editable text area

  3. Warning that the text is not currently linked anywhere (please read)

Edit Text

  1. Edit text and highlight

  2. Tap 'Link' icon

  1. Create 'Page' link (recommended)

  2. Use 'Choose a page' dropdown to select an existing page in your site

Replace Background Image

  1. Drag & drop an image here (landscape images best max-width 2500px)

  2. 'Upload Images' from your computer

  3. 'Import from Format' to select an image already added to your site

  4. 'Import from Dropbox'

The image will appear centered within the browser.

Edit Design

  1. Tap 'Save Changes'

  2. 'Edit Design' to access options specific to this Title Page

Customize Title Page

The best way to see what works best is to make changes to the options available and view in the preview window on the right:

Background Overlay: set a solid color to sit over image
Overlay Opacity: use slider to set. Drag to '0%' to allow your original image to appear with no overlay
Text Color: set the color of the text
Text Font: select a font from our library
Text Size: options include 'Large', 'Medium' or 'Small'
Text Hover State: options include 'Strikethrough', 'Underline' or 'None'

Mobile in-app preview below

  1. Change the in-app preview from Desktop / Mobile / Fullscreen

  1. Keep experimenting and 'Save Changes'

  2. View Live Site to see how it will really appear

Re-accessing Edit Design settings

  1. Edit Page and select 'Edit Design'

The font and overlay color shown in the Page Editor window will not match what you have set in the Edit Design panel (but will show correctly on live site and in the in-app preview).

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