Video instructions

Add a map to a Custom Page

  1. From your Dashboard, tap 'Pages' and either open an existing Custom Page or create a new Custom Page

  2. Select a template from the options available

  3. Or start with a [ Blank Template ].

  1. Select 'Media' then scroll down the page

  2. At 'Map' select the map (and/or text) section by tapping the thumbnail.

  1. Tap the 'Add Addresses' button.

  1. As you start to enter the address, auto-complete address options will appear.

  1. You can add more addresses

  2. Add labels for the locations on the right

  3. 'Save Map'

Style options for map

Tap once on the map to activate the editing ribbon and options.

  1. Edit Addresses, add or remove addresses

  2. Map Theme select the appearance.

  3. Display Landmarks enable or disable

  4. Zoom & Pan enable or disable

  5. Pin Style select pins to match.

View map on live site

View your map on your live site, tap a pin for more details.

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