Adding Google Maps

Add a Google Map to a Custom Page to help viewers locate you.

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Video instructions

Add a Maps Section to a Custom Page

Usually, a Map would be added to your Contact Page, but you can add maps to any Custom Page.

  1. Hover between sections and click the 'Add Section +' button

  1. Select 'Media'

  2. Scroll down

  3. To 'Map'

  4. Select from one of the available templates and 'Add Section'

Add Addresses

  1. Start typing the correct street address in

  2. A smart-list of possible addresses will be displayed, if yours is not showing, continue to type more of the address in the line to narrow down the selection

  1. Physical Address added

  2. Label your marker

  3. Add additional addresses (maximum is five)

  4. Click 'Save Map'

Customize Map

  1. Click once onto the map graphic so the mini-toolbar appears above

  2. Edit Addresses: (add or change what you have already added

  3. Map Theme: default is Standard, or select from Silver, Dark or Night

  4. Display Landmarks: default is Display Landmarks or Hide Landmarks

  5. Zoom & Pan: default is 'Enable' or Disable

  6. Pin Style: select from graphics (shown in screenshot below)

  1. Pin Style changed

  2. Displaying updated Pin Style on map preview

Always 'Save Changes' after editing.

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