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How to add SoundCloud or Spotify audio to a Custom Page
How to add SoundCloud or Spotify audio to a Custom Page

Embed audio from SoundCloud or Spotify on a Custom Page

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0:00 Hi, this video shows you how to add audio to a Custom Page. So the first thing we want to do is click on pages, select our custom page, and then click on edit.

0:15 Once your page is loaded, you can choose where you want to add the audio by clicking on the add section button.

0:22 In this case, I want to add my audio between the two blocks of text, so I can come up hover and then click.

0:31 From my options, I can choose media, scroll down and see audio. Here I can add URL for soundcloud, Spotify, and we also have a section where you can add your embed as HTML.

0:48 This is useful for those wanting to add audio from other sources, like Bandcamp, or for those who want to modify and customize their embeds.

0:59 Coming back up to Soundcloud, I can click on 'Add Section +', and then be prompted to add my URL. Over on my Soundcloud, I've picked a track, and I can come down to copy link, and then come back into my Custom Page and paste.

1:25 Once that's loaded, I can come to the top right hand corner in 'Save Changes', and then in the top left, I'm going to view my (live) site to see my embed.

1:41 Done. If you have any questions about adding audio to your custom pages, you can reach out through the live chat on the bottom right hand corner of your dashboard, or you can email us at

Preview Live Site

Preview the Live Site and play audio.

If you are posting someone else’s music the artist may require your visitor to log in (to Spotify) to listen.

Note: it is not feasible to add SoundCloud tracks that are Private. Only Public tracks can be added using this method. If you wish to add a Private SoundCloud track, you can do so with an HTML Embed (feature available for Pro and Pro Plus plans).

Still have questions? Reach us on our live chat or email us at We’re here to help!

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