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Creating a Contact Page with a Contact Form
Creating a Contact Page with a Contact Form

Use a pre-built Contact Message Form so viewers can get in touch with you easily.

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Video overview

Create a Custom Page

  1. From your left sidebar, under Portfolio, click 'Pages'

  2. Click 'Create'

  3. Select 'Custom Page'.

  4. Enter the Custom Page Name and click 'Add Custom Page'

Choose a Contact Template

  1. Click 'Contact'

  2. Scroll down to see more available templates

  3. Choose one of the available templates

Edit the Contact Form

  1. Scroll down to access all sections of the page to be edited.

  2. Add Slide, if using the Premium Slideshow. See guide here.

  3. Any text can be edited, highlight text for options

  4. Mini-toolbar appears above, depending on whether text, image or form area selected

  5. Any Section can be deleted, hover top-right corner to see icon to delete

  6. Always 'Save Changes'

  1. Contact Form

  2. Change any details down here to your own

  3. If adding your email address, set a link following our guide here

Set Email Send/Reply address and Name

  1. From your Dashboard click the ‘Settings' icon, lower-left.

  2. Click 'Site'

  3. Scroll down

  4. Set 'Site Contact Email' if different than Format Account login is required

  5. Add 'Sender Name'

  6. You can also 'Change Email Logo'

  7. 'Save Changes'

Add a Contact Form with More Fields and Customization

  1. Add Section > 'Forms'

  2. Scroll down

  3. Click the template shown

Customize Field Labels and Add up to 8 fields

  1. Click in the middle of the 'Message' field area

  2. This should then display the Additional Fields toolbar above with the dropdown selector to add up to 8 new fields.

  1. Click the Form Section to enable

  2. The 'Additional Fields' mini-toolbar will appear and allow you to add up to eight additional fields

  3. Click on the label and change to match your requirements

  1. Selecting the word activates a mini-styling-toolbar

  2. 'B' = Bold 'I' = Italic

We have a great demo site that shows how to use this style of Contact Forms. Please see here.

Preview Live Site

Preview your live site and the Contact page you have set.

Test sending yourself a Contact Form message.

Checking Contact Form message appears in Workflow Inbox

The message sent will appear in the Workflow Inbox, see our full Workflow Inbox for managing your Messages, Mailing List and Contact List here

  1. Click 'Inbox' red dot indicator new messages waiting to be read

  2. Click 'Messages' panel to view

  3. Message Preview with border show will appear in full (4)

  4. Full Message displayed here

  5. Add to Contacts

  6. Date and Time

  7. Click 'ellipse icon' for options 'Mark as Unread', 'Report Spam' and 'Delete Message'

  8. Message Content

  9. View this message in Gmail (for those using Gmail or Google Workspace to manage their email)

  10. Another message unread (blue dot)

Viewing in Email Application

The processing of the messages can take up to an hour to be sent to you after submitting with the 'Send Message' button

Check that the message hasn't been sent to a 'Junk', 'Spam' or 'Trash' folder if you don't see the message within an hour of sending.

You may also want to set a 'Mail Rule' to ensure that any messages sent via the Contact Form are located in the correct folder within your email Inbox.

The email address the message will be sent from is:

Because all email applications work differently we are unable to provide a guide on how to configure a Mail Rule for you.

Still have questions? Reach us on our live chat or email us at We’re here to help!

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