Advanced Code Editor

The Code Editor allows the editing of your themes template files. It is intended for users experienced with modifying CSS and HTML

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The Code Editor is a sophisticated code editing tool which allows you to edit your themes template files and is intended for users comfortable modifying CSS and HTML.

  • Basic Plans can access the User Stylesheet CSS file (and upload assets)

  • Pro and Pro Plus plans can access the User Stylesheet CSS file and all theme template files

You can also upload assets (files) like PDF files. Please see our Uploading a PDF guide.

We do not provide technical support for changes made through the Code Editor.

Activate the Code Editor

Click to activate the 'Code Editor' panel in the Design editor.

Read and acknowledge warning and 'Continue Anyway'.

The User Stylesheet CSS Editor

The User Stylesheet CSS file is available for all plans and will be empty by default.

CSS code added to this file will override the default CSS code for your site and will remain active following an update to your theme version.

Click 'User Stylesheet CSS' to activate dropdown

All editable files for your theme will be displayed.

All Theme Files List

  1. Scroll down to bottom to find area for uploading Site Files

  2. 'Upload File' button (maximum of ten Site Files may be added)

See our Uploading a PDF guide.

NB: Saving edited code will stop your theme from auto-updating. There will be an option to update your theme to the latest version manually via the Design area instead.

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