Adding Image Sets

Create an image slideshow (carousel) with Image Sets or display in Square, Masonry,, Vertical, Grid or Horizontal layouts

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Using an Image Sets section on a Custom Page allows you to create an image slideshow (carousel) to display your images and set the transition speed between them or you can change the layout style to be Square, Masonry, Vertical, Grid or Horizontal for the most flexible display of your images at any time with the Image Sets you add.

Video instructions

Create a Custom Page

If you haven't already used Custom Pages, please see our guide here or continue reading below.

Select and add an Image Sets section

  1. Add Section

  2. Scroll down

  3. Image Sets

  4. Select Slideshow (or any of the other Image Set options), you can change the Style once selected in the 'Customize Image Set' panel

Add Images

  1. Click 'Add Images' button

  2. Customize Design (active once one or more images added)

  3. Save Changes (always)

Customize Image Set Design

  1. Style dropdown, select from Square, Masonry, Slideshow, Vertical, Grid or Horizontal

  2. Autoplay can be turned ON or OFF (default OFF)

  3. If slideshow is selected, transition speed can be set between 2 to 20 seconds

  4. Background (default ON)

  5. Background Color, tap color square to change

  6. Background Opacity slider to adjust

  7. Full Width (default OFF)

  8. Preview of Image Set

  9. Save Changes

Add Image Descriptions

  1. Hover thumbnail and click 'Edit Image Description' icon

  1. Add Image Description following recommended guidelines. See our Adding Image Descriptions to images guide here.

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