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This can be used to help organize the display of your pages within the navigation menu. The appearance and location depend on your site's theme.

  1. From the Dashboard, tap 'Pages'
  2. Tap 'Create'
  3. Tap 'Submenu'

A Submenu (dropdown) can only go one level down, it is not possible to nest submenus.

  1. Give the Submenu a Title
  2. Save
  1. An empty Submenu will  be created ready for you to drag your items into

These can be items that are already 'IN MENU' or 'NOT IN MENU'

  1. Pages have been dragged into the Submenu from the 'NOT IN MENU' area
  2. Hover and tap 'Edit' to rename the Submenu
  3. Hover and tap the ellipse icon for more options.

  1. Editing options include 'Remove from Menu', 'Rename' and 'Delete Permanently'

Deleting a Submenu will NOT DELETE the items inside the folder, they will just be placed loose into the 'IN MENU' area.

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