Link Sets allow you to link to the following types of pages within your Format portfolio site:

  • Gallery Pages

  • Custom Pages (e.g. About or Contact)

  • Store Pages (Product Listing or Individual Product Pages)

  • Blog Posts

  • Client Galleries

You can also link to an external website or add an email address that, when tapped, will launch the viewers email application (if configured).

Video instructions

Create a Custom Page

Or, you can add to an existing Custom Page

  1. From your Dashboard tap 'Pages'.

  2. Tap 'Create'

  3. Tap 'Custom Page'.

Give your page a Title and Save.

  1. Tap ' [ Blank Template ] '

  1. Tap 'Add Section +'

  1. Select an 'Images' Section

  2. Scroll down to 'Link Sets' and select from one of the templates and 'Add Section'.

You don't have to have 8 images to link and can change the grid layout at any time.

  1. Display settings can be changed between Square, Landscape, Masonry and Grid at any time.

  2. Add Link to get started

  3. Always 'Save Changes'

You can add more than one Link Set section to a page and change the Display.

  1. Add Image, from any source (GIF, PNG, JPG)

  2. Add a Title (optional)

  3. Link To (Format Page, Website or Mailto (email address).

If a Link does not have an image thumbnail (only a title and Link To it will NOT display on your Live Site.

Preview live site

View how your Link Set looks and change Display options to suit.

  1. Thumbnail with Title text link

  2. Thumbnail only (no Title link)

The text links are styled in the Design Editor > Links panel.

More Custom Page options

Link Sets are an option within Custom Pages.

If you are unfamiliar with how to create a Custom Page please see this guide first.

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