Video instructions

The Pages area allows you to create a link to an external website. This will appear in your site menu (navigation area).

Create External Link

  1. From the Dashboard, tap 'Pages'

  2. Tap 'Create'

  3. Tap 'External Link'

Add External Link

  1. Add 'Title'. This is what will appear in your site menu.

  2. Add the 'URL' for the website you are linking to. Ensure the full address is added. If you are unsure, visit the website first and 'copy-and-paste' the full URL address bar from the browser here.

  3. Set 'Behaviour' checkbox: Off will take viewer to website, leaving your site. On will open the website in a new window (or browser tab) meaning your site is still accessible as well as the new site.

  4. Tap 'Done' or 'Cancel' to exit

  1. The External Link as it appears in the Site Menu Editor

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