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How to add a link to a page
How to add a link to a page

Links can be added to text or images (except for Gallery Images)

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You can set any text or image (except for Gallery Images) to act as a link to an external website, another page within your site, or to start an application to send an email message.

Setting text links

  1. Select the text you would like to add a link to

  2. A formatting menu will appear above, click the 'Link' icon

  1. Select 'Website'

  2. Add the full URL website address (copy-and-paste from the website you are linking to)

  3. Toggle whether the link will be opened in a new browser window (tab) when clicked on

Click 'Create' and 'Save Changes'

Setting image links

You can use images on a Custom Page to link to another website.

It is not possible to link from Gallery Page images.

  1. On your Custom Page, click the image that you would like to create the link from (it will appear with a thin blue colored border around the outside of the image to show it is selected)

  2. A formatting menu will appear above, tap the 'Link' icon

Follow the same steps that you would for a text link.

Link to a Page in your Format site

  1. You can also use the same technique to link to a 'Page' within your Format site

  2. Use the dropdown menu to 'Choose a page'

Link to an Email Application

You can also link to an email address. If the viewer has an email application installed on their device, it will start a New Message to the address entered.

We have a more detailed article here.

Collection Page links

Our Collection Pages allow you to link to Gallery or Custom Pages easily.

Adding Link Sets

Link Sets can also be added to Custom Pages to quickly set links to multiple pages, internal or external.

Please see our Adding Link Sets guide.

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