Google now recommends tracking analytics using a Measurement ID. Please see this guide for instructions on how to set up using this updated option.

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Google Analytics is a powerful statistics tool for tracking how your Format site is performing on the internet.

This free tool allows you to monitor how visitors are finding your site, your top-performing content, and gives you demographics including geographical information about your visitors. All of this can be extremely useful in letting you know how you might want to improve your site, re-label sections based on popular searches leading to your pages, and generally let you know the kind of traffic your site is seeing.

Sign In to your Google Account

Format makes installing Google Analytics easy but you need to have a Google account first.

Tap Analytics in the menu on the top-right corner or search for 'google analytics'.

Then sign up to get started with Google Analytics.

Sign Up for Google Analytics

When you are signing up you will need to specify the website you want to use with Google Analytics.

If you have your own custom domain (e.g. enter that domain. If you have a custom domain and haven't yet connected it to Format you can learn how to here.

Otherwise, you’ll want to enter your Format Address (e.g. You can confirm your Format Address or Connected Domain on the Dashboard > Settings > Site > Domain panel.

Adding a New Account

Enter the correct information into the fields shown.

Copy your Tracking ID

Once you've signed up, copy your Google Analytics tracking code (tracking ID) for your particular URL, which will look like UA-12345678-1

Add Tracking Code

  1. Tap 'Settings'

  2. Tap 'Site' scroll down to the Google Analytics field

  3. Enter the Tracking ID copied from the previous step

  4. Save Changes

It can take up to 24 hours for Google Analytics to begin collecting data.

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