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Managing your Store inventory
Managing your Store inventory

Control how much of a Product is available for purchasing easily with our inventory feature.

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Set the available quantities for every Product and Option in your Store.

If you have something that is a 'Limited Edition' or 'One-off' it can not be sold more times than it is available.

A Digital Download can not have a 'Quantity' set. The default is 'Unlimited'.

Set the Quantity level

Each Product Option can have its own separate inventory quantity.

  1. Unlimited

  2. Limited to 1 or more

  3. Save Changes

Checking available levels

  1. In the Store > Products list view hover to see available quantities breakdown

Out of Stock Message

For each Product you can set the message to be displayed when the available quantity level reaches zero (0).

  1. Product > Settings

  2. Out of Stock, select from available options

  3. Save Changes

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