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Format Store overview
Format Store overview

Sell a Physical Product, Digital Product or Service (deposit) directly from your Format site.

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There are no additional fees or commission taken from the price you sell your Products for using the Format Store feature.

A PayPal Business Account is required, and PayPal charge a small transaction fee for each order/payment made.

You will need to fulfil any orders placed and organize shipping to your buyers/customers.

Activate the Store feature

  1. From the left sidebar click 'Portfolio' to expand

  2. Click 'Store'

  1. Give your Store a name, something like 'Shop' or 'Store' (nice and obvious)

  2. Click 'Enable Store'

Set Country of Residence and Connect to PayPal

  1. Notification: You'll need to connect to a PayPal (Business) account in order to collect payments in your store. Please see our more detailed Connect your PayPal Business Account guide

  2. Use the dropdown to select your Country of Residence, unfortunately not all countries worldwide are able to be supported at this time. If your country is not shown here, please write to our support team for assistance

  3. Click 'Connect to PayPal' or

  4. Connect later from the Store Settings tab. This will allow you to continue to explore or set up new Products in your store but you will not be able to make the store 'live' until PayPal has been connected.

Store editor overview

  1. Products: the default area where you will add and edit your Products. See our Adding a Store Product guide

  2. Orders: where you will manage orders, shows payments and buyer/customer details

  3. Discounts: set and manage Discounts. See our Discount Codes guide

  4. Settings: overall Store Settings, includes Country of Residency, PayPal account, Shipping Messages and Notifications

  5. Edit Design: customize how your Store will look. See our Store Design Options guide

  6. 'Add Product' to start adding to your Store

Store Products area with Products added

The screenshot above shows how a Store with Products added would appear

  1. Service: use to obtain a deposit, booking or donation

  2. Product: physical item like a print, t-shirt, goods or other

  3. Digital Downloads: use to sell and provide links to ebooks or presets. The download file can be a ZIP file at a maximum size of 100MB.

  4. Hovering over an existing product shows the option to 'Duplicate Product'

  5. Availability status

  6. Inventory: See our Managing your Store Inventory guide

Store live preview

An 'example' Store as it appears with five items.

  1. Service: use to obtain a deposit, booking or donation

  2. Product: physical item like a print, t-shirt, goods or other

  3. Digital Download: use to sell and provide links to ebooks or presets etc

  4. Cart indicator

Individual Product

View of details for an individual product.

Connecting a PayPal Business account

You have complete control over the prices, currency and shipping (physical products). Payment is made directly to your PayPal Business Account.

  • No additional fees or commission is paid to Format.

  • You are responsible for the fulfilment and supply and/or shipping of the product and service you have sold.

  • You can create your own Refund Policy or Terms of Service using Custom Pages.

If you don't already have a PayPal Business Account you will be directed to either upgrade from a PayPal Personal Account or start a new Business Account.

See our Connect your PayPal Business Account for more information.

Still have questions? Reach us on our live chat or email us at We’re here to help!

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