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Using PayPal for your Subscription
Using PayPal for your Subscription

Subscribe via PayPal for your Monthly or Annual Plan. All payments are in US dollars

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Our Choosing a Plan and Subscribing guide has additional information and shows how to pay with a Credit Card.

Customize Your Plan

  1. After selecting you Plan you will have the option to register a Custom Domain name, this is free for the first year with Pro and Pro Plus level Annual plans, subsequent years the cost is $20 annually to renew. More information about this offer is available in our help article How to get a free custom domain name

  2. Professional Email by Google Workspace, this requires the Custom Domain be provided and managed by Format (you can also transfer a Custom Domain from another registrar or host to Format but if you already have a Google Workspace (or Gsuite account), it is not possible to transfer this subscription to Format for us to manage

  3. Site Building Service this is rather expensive to add as a one-time fee. The service is free on a full-priced Pro Plus Bundle Annual plan (not available if a discount is used/applied).

  4. Plan selected will be displayed here, along with the savings being made (if Billed Annually)

  5. Custom Domain (if added as an option) will be displayed here showing the price (if Billed Annually)

  6. The Subtotal shows the amount PRIOR to any Discount or Promo Code being applied (you will see this on the next Checkout area)

  7. Click 'Continue to Checkout' You will not be charged yet.

Checkout with PayPal

  1. Select 'PayPal' as your payment method

  2. After clicking Subscribe, a PayPal window will open so you can complete your purchase securely

  3. Subtotal and any Tax (only charged for Canadian residents and United States regions of New York, Massachusetts, Washington State and Pennsylvania from Feb 1st 2024) To remove a Discount and add a different one see the section below BEFORE Step 4

  4. Click 'Subscribe' this will open a PayPal window above this form (ensure you have allowed 'pop-ups' to display in your web browsers preferences

Removing a Discount or Promo Code

  1. If a Discount or Promo Code has been auto-applied, and you do not want to use this please click 'Remove'. This will also allow you to enter a different code that you may have been provided with as part of a different promotion.

  2. No tax applied

  3. Current discounted price showing

  4. 'Subscribe' button still active with discount as it has not been 'Removed' yet

Adding a different Discount or Promo Code

  1. With the Discount / Promo Code removed, the price will now be showing at the full Annual price

  2. Subtotal

  3. The 'Promo Code' field is now accessible for you to enter a different code that you may have been provided with as part of a different promotion.

  4. Click 'Apply' for this to be applied and the savings calculated

  5. Billed Now total has not changed because no Promo Code has been applied yet (also needs to have been removed to receive free Site Build Service when subscribing to a Pro Plus Bundle Annual plan)

  6. Click 'Subscribe' or read next section first…

Different Discount or Promo Code Applied

  1. Once the Discount / Promo Code has been applied the Plan Summary will update with the discount showing

  2. Message highlighted to show that you are saving X% off on a new website for one year.

  3. Billed Now, the final price will be shown in USD$

  4. Click 'Subscribe' to complete the purchase of your with PayPal

Pay with PayPal

  1. Log in to your PayPal account window will appear

  2. Enter your email or mobile number

  3. Click 'Next' or

  4. If you do not have a PayPal account already, tap 'Create an Account'

  5. Scroll down for further options including Cancel and return to Format

Enter your PayPal password

  1. Email address for your PayPal account will appear here

  2. Enter your PayPal password

  3. Click 'Log in'

  4. Option to 'Cancel and return to Format'

  5. Additional Languages available (if required)

Log in fast with a one-time code

  1. Mobile phone number digits partially displayed where code will be sent to

  2. Tap 'Get a Code' or

  3. 'Log in with a password instead'

Enter code

  1. Enter 6-digit code that was sent to your mobile phone via SMS TXT or from an Authenticator app (if you have this set up)

  2. 'Continue'

Choose a way to pay

  1. Any balance in your PayPal account will be used first

  2. Select card to pay from or 'Add a credit or debit card'

  3. As you are subscribing, we will auto-renew your subscription (Monthly or Annually), please read and understand this notification

  4. Option to 'Cancel and return to Format'

  5. Click 'Agree & Continue' this is the last step before the payment is made

Thank you for Subscribing

Successfully subscribing with PayPal will display a 'Thanks! message showing details

  1. You will receive a notification on-screen that your payment was successful and that a confirmation email has been sent to your email address

  2. Total payment made in USD$

  3. Continue to 'Set Up Domain' if this was selected. We have a guide on how to do this here named How to get a free custom domain name

If you have any difficulties when subscribing with PayPal or have other questions, please reach us on our live chat or email us at We’re here to help!

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