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Discount Codes for Store Products
Discount Codes for Store Products

Set a flat rate off ($) or percentage off (%) for the whole order or just specific products.

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Pro and Pro Plus members can set discounted pricing on any Store products.

How discount codes work

Discount codes can be applied at the checkout to discount:

  • Flat rate off ($)

  • Percent off (%)

  • For whole order

  • For specific products

Access the Discounts area

  1. From the left sidebar navigate to Portfolio > 'Store' to view the Products panel

  2. Click 'Discounts' link

Create a Discount

  1. Click 'Create a Discount'

  1. Give your new discount a name

  2. Click 'Add Discount'

  1. The Discount Name will appear in your customer's order

  2. Discount Code is auto-entered based on the Discount Name above but you can change this and must be between 4-20 alphanumeric characters

  3. Availability the default is 'Inactive', change to 'Active' when you are ready to offer your discount

Set Discount Type

Choose what type of discount you are offering:

  1. 'Percentage Off' can be set between 1 and 99

  2. 'Flat Amount Off' set in the currency of your Store, it must be greater than $1

The discount will not be applied if it exceeds the amount being paid.

Set Eligibility

Define what orders the discount can be applied to:

  1. Entire Order the discount will be applied to the total order before shipping

  2. Orders Over… set the currency amount that has to be ordered. The discount will be applied before shipping is calculated. The price must be greater than $1

  3. Selected Products the discount will be applied to each of these products individually

  4. Click 'Add Products' if you chose 'Selected Products'

For Selected Products

  1. Use the checkbox to select the Products that you want the discount to apply to.

  2. Click 'Add Products'

  1. Thumbnail images and the Product name and price before discount will be shown

  2. 'Add Products' to include more with the discount

  3. Click 'Remove' to remove product from the discount

Error messages

  1. An error message will appear top-right if the required fields have not been completed correctly. Please check and fix

  2. A red border will appear along with an error message underneath

  3. Because Discount Type and Eligibility can have different values, please check that all fields have been entered correctly

More than one Discount active

We allow you to have multiple Discounts set up and active at any time. You can also save them in an 'Inactive' state so they can be reused at a later date.

Some Discount combinations are shown in the screenshot above.

  1. Active Discount with 10% off selected products

  2. The Discount Code that needs to be entered at the checkout stage to redeem order discount

  3. Active Discount with 20% off total order

  4. Inactive Discount with 10% off total order

  5. Click ellipse '…' to activate dropdown to Edit or Delete Discount

Only one Discount Code can be used per order so a customer can not use multiple codes for the same order.

Sharing and using your Discount Code

Please view our separate article here.

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