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How to reset your account password
How to reset your account password

If you are unable to remember your site email address or password, you can request a password reset (I FORGOT).

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If you are unable to remember your Format log in password you can request it be sent via email to the email address you originally use to access your Format account.

Log in to your Format account

screenshot showing log in email and password fields
  1. Go to the Format Log in screen in your web browser

  2. Enter the email address you use

  3. Enter the password you use

  4. Or log in using Facebook or Google (if previously set up)

  5. If you can't remember your log in details click the I FORGOT link

I Forgot

Screenshot showing the I FORGOT reset password screen
  1. Enter the email address you would normally use to log in to your Format account

  2. Click 'Reset Password'

  3. Use our in-app help to search or request further assistance from one of our team

Check your email account for our instructions on how to reset your password.

If you do not receive an email this usually means you have entered the wrong email address for your Format account.

Help Articles and Requesting help from the team

Screenshot showing the intercom help popup with Frankie the bot attempting to provide assistance

After starting our in-app chat from the lower-right corner of your screen you will be presented with different suggestions (based around log in access)

  1. Message from Frankie (our BOT) with a suggestion

  2. You will be asked if the information helped or not?

  3. Click 'Wait for the team' for human assistance

  4. Write a message and let us know if there could be another email address that we could check for you as this may speed up the task of finding your Format account.

Changing Format Account Email or Password once logged in

You can change your Full Name, Email Address or replace your log in password (when you are logged in).

  1. From the left sidebar click on 'Settings'

  2. Click on 'Format Account' to activate the Account pane

  3. Full Name, this is what will appear when we (FORMAT) send you communication and how we refer to you within our support system (it will not appear on your website)

  4. Email Address this is what you will use to log in, and how we communicate with you

  5. Password should be updated with a secure one, your device may suggest and auto-save this password for you. We recommend using a password manager and not re-using passwords.

  6. Always 'Save Changes'

Still unable to log in

Still have problems logging in? Reach us on our live chat or email us at We’re here to help!

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